Akame Ga Kill! – Episode 4 Review – “Kill The Imperial Arm Users”

zankThey should have called this episode “Men Trouble”

Akame Ga Kill! – Episode 4 Review – “Kill The Imperial Arm Users”

Last Episode:

The Night Raid team assassinated the brother of the corrupt Minister Onest and his guards. I still can’t believe that is his name. Subtlety is not this show’s strong point XD. We also got some character building with Mine the tsundere. Lastly, it appears that another assassin has come to the capital, and he’s looking for Akame.

This Episode:

missed me

Najenda obtains a list of people who will support the revolution. This will probably come into play later in the series. The boss of Night Raid then informs the team of their next target, Zank The Executioner.

He’s a serial killer who specializes in beheading his victims. He’s also gone mad from all the murders he conducted as an executioner at a federal prison. He’s also the holder of an Imperial Arm weapon. What exactly does that entail? Well the first Emperor (ever) wanted to create a way to keep the Empire alive even when he was dead. So he had 48 different weapons made from the carcasses of Danger Beasts (whatever those are) and rare metals. They all have transformative powers as well as other buffs. Tatsumi is the only member of Night Raid who does not have one.

That night as they patrol for Zank, Tatsumi catches a vision of Sayo. Startled but relieved, he trails after her, only to find it’s Zank in disguise. Zank’s Imperial Arm is an “Spected” eye that reads minds, sees the future, scans for hidden weapons and casts illusions of loved ones. So basically it’s really damn op.

Tatsumi holds his own against Zank, even getting a swipe in. But it’s Akame that finishes Zank off, even after he casts a vision of her sister Kurome to disable her. Even though it’s her sister’s mug staring at her, she has no problem swinging her poisonous sword at it. And so, another one falls to Akame’s sword.


Go for it Bulat.
Go for it Bulat.

Fairly enjoyable episode all round. Zank was nothing that we haven’t seen before in anime, but he put up a good fight at least. It was good to see that Tatsumi isn’t op as he was in the previous episodes. Given that Zank only lasted one episode I think we can expect to see some far tougher villains down the line.

I also would like to see some more action for the character of Lubbock. Of the Night Raid crew, I feel he’s the one who has been spotlighted the least. Maybe we could see less of Mine too – sorry, Tsundere characters are not usually my favorites. She is by no means the worst Tsundere out there though. Bulat was fun as always, but who knows how much longer he’ll be in the show for.

zank dead

On a production note, the freeze frames that give the show a “painted” look are odd. They happen most often at the most violent moments of the episodes. I’m wondering if this is a censorship thing, or just a stylistic choice. It’s not necessarily a negative aspect – they do add a neat effect – but they certainly stick out when they appear.

Next Episode: “Kill The Dream”


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