Aldnoah Zero – Episode 4 Review – “Point Of No Return” 

kataphrakt argyreSlaine = stuck between a rock and a hard place 

Aldnoah Zero – Episode 4 Review – “Point Of No Return” 

Last Episode:

Trillam sought out Rayet under the Orbital Knight Saazbaum’s orders. But he underestimated the tactics and intellect of Inaho and his friends Calm and Inko. Princess Asseylum revealed herself as alive to Trillam and Slaine, buying Inaho enough time to defeat Trillam. After escaping, Trillam angrily revealed his intent to kill the Princess again – but Slaine shot him dead before he can act.

This Episode:

Slaine realizes Cruhteo's true intentions.
Slaine realizes Cruhteo’s true intentions.

As Trillam’s blood pools, the meteor bombardment ordered by Saazbaum rains down on the city. The Terran group watch the city burn as they escape through the air. As they travel, the princess reveals her real identity to Inaho and Rayet. Asseylum wants to contact the Emperor so they can call a cease fire, but all telecommunications are down due to the Martian attack. Asseylum also warns them that there is a Vers spy hidden among the Terrans who wishes to kill the Princess. Is it Rayet? Or is it Makabaredge? I’m not sure why she came to mind for me, but judging by her animation she looks more like the Martians then the Terrans. Inaho knows that the only solution at the moment is to get the Princess to United Earth HQ.

Inaho has no problem with keeping the princess’ secret, believing that the true enemy are those who tried to kill her. Rayet will reveal the info if she ever feels it necessary. She still sees all Martians as enemies. At Cruhteo’s holdout, he strikes Slaine again, this time for wanting to avenge the Princess’ death. Noticing that Cruhteo doesn’t really care about the fate of the princess, Slaine pieces together that Cruhteo is not the ringleader of this conspiracy. But who is it?

The Terrans are now at the ferry port, ready to complete their evacuation. Unfortunately a new Kataphrakt dubbed Argyre engages them before they can leave. His weapon is a destructive laser katana. Working together again, Inaho, Calm and Inko buy them some time while Marito and Yuki repair the ships engines. After winning the day, the Terrans withdraw and escape, leaving behind a damaged Argyre. Back in Cruhteo’s control room, Slaine demands to be able to fight.


"Seylum" and Rayet
“Seylum” and Rayet

I didn’t think I would say this so soon, but it’s finally a mech series that I genuinely enjoy. I’m so curious to see just what lies in wait for the character of Slaine. I imagine it’s something tragic, given his current unfavourable position. As for the other main character Inaho, he’s impressive in his tactics, but doesn’t have too much to offer in terms of personality. He could grow on me in time though.

The other character to watch for me is Rayet. She doesn’t seem to be on anyone’s side but her own. Just who is the spy that is searching for the Princess? As I said I have my suspicions, but we don’t have any clues to go on at the moment.

Next: Phantom of the Emperor – Looking forward to it!


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