Reasons I’m No Longer Covering Baby Steps 

eichiro reachFrom now on I will no longer be doing episode recaps for Baby Steps. By no means is the show a disaster, and I will probably continue watching it when I can. However, it’s just not that interesting to talk about. The reasons why are below.

  1. Too Much Eichiro 
Zen Eichiro
Zen Eichiro

Yes, he is the main character. I understand that you need to have a significant amount of time spent with the main character to establish a connection with them, but in this case it’s to the show’s detriment. It takes away from the secondary characters. Which in truth, Baby Steps has none. Sure, some of them have goals of their own but we never get too see them do anything towards them. All the side characters do is stand around and watch Eichiro play. The two main focuses apart from Eichiro would be Takuma (his rival) and Natsu (his love interest), but neither of them are that interesting. We don’t get to see any of their matches either. To top it off, Eichiro is too milquetoast of a character to carry the show by himself. He’s the usual generic whiz kid who is quirky and awkward, but insanely talented. Yet other than that he has little to no personality.

  1. The Set-ups
Eichiro's opponent Iwasa
Eichiro’s opponent Iwasa

Too often in this show the opponent just pops out of the woodworks. There’s not a noticeable amount of build-up or characterization to them. We never get to the point that we feel the tension between the two opponents in the matches. Take for instance Haikyu!!, where their opponent Dateko was mentioned early in the series. They play a very important part in Asahi Azumane’s character arc. Karasuno’s rival Nekoma is another example. We have seen matches against Nekoma and gotten to know some of the characters on their team. We know the history between the two rivals. There is a definite promise that the two will meet again in the future. In Baby Steps, characters like Iwasa just show up as soon as they are needed. There are also given pretty dumb traits, like Iwasa’s paint but not actually play philosophy. The only character who has been pegged early as an threat was Takuma, and as said above, he’s barely in the show.

  1. It’s Too Predictable

sloowww motion

That’s not to say all shows that are predictable are automatically bad. It’s just that Baby Steps is predictable in a not fun way. You can see where they’ll cut the episode, what will happen in each match and who will end up winning the match, even if it’s not Eichiro. It removes all tension from the show. For example, the latest episode has Araya one point from match point. The episode cuts to a black screen as soon as he serves. I should be anticipated for next week to find out what happens, but instead I’m writing this post.

And Finally, 4. It’s Gotten Boring


Yup, as simple as that. These episodes seem to drag on past their 24 mins way more often then they should. In all honesty, I’m not that invested in Eichiro’s storyline. Perhaps it’s the absence of adrenaline pumping moments. That and matches take way too long to finish. Next episode is the 3rd episode in a row for one match.

So with that, we bid adieu to Baby Steps. Do I still think people should watch the show? Sure, it’s pretty harmless and average. It’s not rage inducing at any rate. After a while it might fade into the background though, and other more outstanding shows will take its place.


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