Sabagebu! – Survival Game Club – Episode 4 Review

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Sabagebu! – Survival Game Club – Episode 4 Review

Last Episode:

A new teacher, BEES! (well hornets actually), a one-sided feud with a grade schooler, and Platy got kidnapped by a battle seasoned crow. 😀

This Episode:

Fried Chicken Lemon
A new challenger arrives – Fried Chicken Lemon!

– Momoka battles an otaku gamer named Fried Chicken Lemon. Yes, seriously. If she loses to Fried, she has to take two-shot photos with him. Gotukuji hilariously shows off her otaku as well. Miou pops up in her own stupidly dumb way :D. Momoka wins of course, but in the best way possible. Not giving it away either.

– Momoka gets fat off sweet rolls, so she goes on a banana only diet. And then, Groundhog Day?

– Just what is Platy? Momoka tries to get to the meat of the mystery. Well, at first at least. Also, he moonwalks.

– Momoka’s mom continues to be batshit crazy. First off, she purposely sabotages Momoka’s diet. Later she also has a gun battle with her daughter because she won’t eat her veggies. XD 😀


Momoka's crazy mom
Momoka’s crazy mom

Please more! I can’t get enough of this series. Not much to say here other than another great episode that I thoroughly enjoyed. Even though we got the otaku stereotype in one of the skits, I wasn’t that offended. Probably because the skit itself was really funny!

I am thoroughly enjoying the character of Momoka’s mother. We can see where Momoka got her ruthlessness to always come out on top. They way she latches onto the members of the Survival Game Club has been hilarious.

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