Hanamayata – Episode 4 Review – “Princess / Princess”

naru the prince, Tami the princessHeartfelt emotions all over the place.

HaNaYaMaTa – Episode 4 Review – “Princess/Princess”

Last Episode: 

The girls resolved to enter the Hanairo Yosakoi Festival, but they need some more members first. The school president is becoming an obstacle, barring them from passing out flyers and practicing on the roof. They need at least 4 members and a teacher as an club advisor before they can resume club activities. Finally, Yaya and Hana became fast friends, despite Yaya’s best attempts to frown at her.

This Episode:


Naru’s friend Nishimikado Tami will help them out by keeping the student council and school brass at bay until they get the club ratified. To Naru, Tami is an beautiful and elegant “princess”. However, Tami comes from a strict bourgeois family ruled by a cold and selfish father. She packs her schedule full of activities to please him at the expense of her social life.

Her friend Machi, who is also the council president, tells her to stop worrying about what Daddy thinks and do things for herself. Machi and Naru are both in their last year of middle school, thus they are beginning to become quite busy with school life.

Thanks to Tami, the yosakoi club can sneak practice up on the roof. Tami also gives them some pointers on completing turns. She took ballet when she was younger, and it was one of her favourite things to do. However, she stopped doing it to take up activities that her father was more pleased with her doing. Naru and Hana invite her to join their yosakoi group, but she turns them down since her father “would be less than impressed.” To be fair, he seems to have been more supportive when she was younger. But now he seems to be much more of a jerk.

Tami can’t decide what she wants to do, so she again turns to Machi. Machi reiterates that Tami should choose for herself and not for the betterment of others. However Tami just can’t bring herself to join the group. She breaks down in front of Naru, feeling that she isn’t anything like the Princess Naru has in her head. With a show of adorable confidence, Naru tells Tami that she’ll be her Prince to push her along, just like Hana did with her. Later when Tami’s father gets back home, she tells him that they need to talk.


Machi, the student council president
Machi, the student council president

Awww. Absolutely heartfelt emotions here. Even though Tami is a character we’ve seen so many times before, I still felt sorry for her when she was dealing with her decision. What we have seen of Machi so far was also intriguing. We hadn’t seen her outside of the times she had confronted the yosakoi club. To be fair, she was doing that as her job, and not out of an evil ambition. I absolutely loved the moment between Naru and Tami. Seeing Naru shed her shyness and extend her hand brought a smile to my face. I’m really enjoying her as the lead character.

Next: First Step


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