Terror In Resonance – Episode 4 Review – “Break Through” 

destroy the worldThe ball is back in Sphinx’s court. 

Terror In Resonance – Episode 4 Review – “Break Through”

Last Episode:

Lisa ran away from home, hoping to find an escape from her mother and her bullies. Shibazaki rejoined the police and subsequently solved Sphinx’s riddle in time to stop the next bomb. He’s also clued into the fact that they are leaving traces deliberately. Via streaming video feed, he attacked Nine and Twelve verbally. He has an unfinished case that could and probably does have something to do with their mission. Rather than being shaken, the two terrorists were pleasantly surprised.

This Episode: 

Detective Shibazaki
Detective Shibazaki

Lisa is homeless, wandering the streets while her mother continually calls her. Twelve is keeping tabs on her by tracking her cell phone. It appears he’s taken a liking to her, even though it’s probably not in his best interests.

Shibazaki visits Aomori, where he digs into Twelve’s past, interviewing old bosses about his behavior. As he returns to town, Nine and Twelve successfully hack into the police HQ files. Later, they leave another riddle for Shibazaki to decipher – one with a very cheeky and underhanded answer. For this bomb has a larger consequence then a simple explosion.

As Twelve brings Lisa to their hideout, Nine refuses to take her in with them. They are running out of time, he says…



My like of Terror in Resonance is steadily increasing more and more. I like the nemesis dynamic between Sphinx and Shibazaki at the moment. The firing of punches back and forth between them has been very entertaining.

Twelve’s sudden shining towards Lisa is an interesting development. Twelve has always been the more emotional of the two Sphinx members. Nine is extremely cold and calculated; getting to the point quickly is his MO. Just what does he mean by saying they are running out of time? What is so important that their job must be done within a set timeline? It probably has something to do with that white haired child, or the older version of it, which we have yet to meet.

The show also has some interesting things to say about mass communication and the internet. It’s not preachy about it though, it just displays events for you to evaluate on your own. I can admire that, and see that the show is making valid points.

Next: Hide & Seek


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