Tokyo Ghoul – Episode 4 Review – “Supper”

Tsukiyama killsKaneki = dang gullible XD 

Tokyo Ghoul – Episode 4 Review – “Supper”

Last Episode:

Hinami Fueguchi, the daughter of a doctor for Ghouls, was sent to Anteiku for her own protection. The Doves Amon and Mado are about town killing Ghouls for information. There’s also a mysterious man who is threatening Hinami’s family. Ken and Hinami strike up a quick friendship. Ken is also sent to obtain a “mask” that will hide him from the Doves should they come looking. As the Doves close in on the location of Hinami’s father, a tall dramatic man in red steps into the coffee shop.

This Episode:

Tchuss Tsukiyama

This drama king in the red suit is Tsukiyama Shu, the gourmet ghoul that was mentioned last episode. He randomly breaks into French and German at times, and professes some interest in Ken. He presents himself as a fellow bibliophile, who also reads Takatsuki. You are so getting played Ken – again! Heh, you are so gullible! He also pretends to be an old friend of Rize, though in reality he despised her. He’s caught her scent on Ken and wishes to cannibalize him.

We also get some hints that Rize’s death may not have been accidental. Itori, a friend (?) of Uta and Yomo doesn’t confirm it, but she does mysteriously put the theory forward. In addition, she mentions that there might be more half human half ghouls like Ken. But she doesn’t say anymore about the subject.

Tsukiyama invites Kaneki over this his place to talk more about his literary tastes (you are really bad at picking up on vibes Ken!). It’s a trap though (OF COURSE!), and Ken is thrown into a society that traps humans and ghouls and eats them for supper. They all have their own masks and identities; Tsukiyama is known as “Mr.MM” here. He’s brought Ken as the main dish for everyone to feast on as they gather in a large amphitheatre. A giant butcher is brought out to cut Ken into pieces. Ken reveals his half Ghoul powers, bringing the dinner audience into an even bigger frenzy. He has become a rare delicacy to them. Wanting Ken from himself, Tsukiyama kills the giant. We end with Tsukiyama looming over Ken…


Tsukiyama it was just a joke

The events leading up to the dinner theatre scene were fairly predictable and I think Ken was the only one who didn’t see through Tsukiyama’s ruse. Though I did not expect the reveal to be that he was part of some bizarre bourgeois gourmet theatre society. The fight between the hulking man and Ken was also pretty thrilling to watch. One thing I am not that fond of is Tsukiyama being played very stereotypically feminine, but hey what can you do, it’s a established trope of anime.

On the revelation that Rize’s death was not an accident, I am not that surprised. I am however, very interested to see how in depth they will go with the mystery around it, and just who the culprit may be. Is it Jason? There was a wrench left at the scene of the crime. Or does the mysterious shrouded figure who approached Dr.Fueguchi have something to do with it.

I have to say I’m enjoying the sense of dread that Tokyo Ghoul is creating so far. Apart from Tsukiyama and his freakish accomplices, there is also the Doves, Nishiki and Jason lurking around town. The danger in Ken’s life can be felt very clearly. It really does feel like he has to be extremely careful where he treads. It’s because they are using the “show, not tell” method. 😀 Too often, shows like to merely tells us the world is in danger without showing us the proof. Tokyo Ghoul and Aldnoah Zero have done a very good job of doing exactly the opposite this season.

Next: Scars


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