Akame Ga Kill! – Episode 5 Review – “Kill The Dream”

sheele comforts TatsumiStill average!

Akame Ga Kill! – Episode 5 Review – “Kill The Dream”

Last Episode: 

We learned about the Imperial Arms weapons, Tatsumi being the only one in Night Raid who doesn’t have one. I’m sure he’ll get one sooner than later. A new foe rolled into town in the form of the butcher turned serial killer Zank. He put up an okay fight, but eventually fell to the blade of Akame.

This Episode:

Sheele the yandere
Sheele the yandere

It’s Sheele’s turn to train Tatsumi. She’s the ditzy clutz who is really a vicious sociopathic killer yandere stereotype. Carving people into bits is the only thing that she isn’t a giant clutz at.

Tatsumi tries using Zank’s Imperial Arm but the eye rejects him. Not before he can use the “let’s see through clothes to peek at the girls underwear” power. Seriously show? Was that really necessary to put in just so someone could get their rocks off to animated characters?

Najenda also tells us about the biggest threat yet to Night Raid and the Revolutionary Army, General Esdeath. Onest and the Emperor have agreed that it’s time to bring her back to the capital so she can stamp out Night Raid.

In town, Tatsumi meets Seryu, an Imperial Guard who says justice more times than I care to count. She has her own Imperial Arms as well, a dog looking thing named Coro that makes “Kyuuu” noises. Seryu is hellbent on killing Night Raid, as she was Ogre’s disciple. Two yanderes in one episode? You spoil us show.


Two sides of justice?
Two sides of justice?

I will say that Akame Ga Kill! is incredibly safe and stereotype heavy, with an incredibly predictable plot. It’s still a fun show with capable enough action sequences though. There are just some moments where the paint by numbers actions taken by the characters can get on one’s nerves. As such, I may shelve the series a few episodes down the line in terms of reviewing, but continue to watch it on my own time.

One positive was the small moment between Sheele and Tatsumi when he cried over his fallen friends Ieyasu and Sayo. Though the lead up felt a bit stilted, I still like how Tatsumi isn’t afraid to cry.

As for the new character of Seryu, I know she’ll turn out to be crazy or something like that. It’s just the natural progression of the show that anyone who appears to be nice at all is exactly the opposite. It probably won’t matter though as she most likely will be finished off in the next couple of episodes.

Next Episode: “Kill The Absolute Justice”


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