DRAMAtical Murder – Episode 5 Review – “Data_05_Error”

aoba trippyWell that was trippy…

DRAMAtical Murder – Episode 5 Review – “Data_05_Error”

Last Episode:

Toue Tatsuo was revealed to be the Director of Toue Konzern, the company that developed the utopian society Platinum Jail. In the Old Residential District, Mizuki and the Dry Juice gang suddenly disappeared. A rival group named Morphine overtook their turf. Aoba received a cryptic message about his Grandma getting kidnapped in the form of a 8-bit game named “Silent Oath”. Rushing home, he found himself surrounded by unconscious Morphine members. The tall silent man with the pink bandana appears and knocks Aoba out.

This Episode:

Mink = tall and silent
Mink = tall and silent

Aoba awakens to find himself in the clutches of Mink (the man with the pink bandana) and his crew. He’s kidnapped Aoba for information. When Aoba momentarily shows a flash of his alternate personality, Mink is satisfied with his findings. This time, the other side of Aoba is darker, telling Mink to “disappear” maliciously.

Mink then offers to help Aoba find Grandma Tae, but only if Aoba follows his orders. He explains that his group is not Morphine, nor did they do anything to his grandmother. Aoba is returned to his house where he is greeted by Clear and Koujaku. Koujaku recognizes Mink as the head of the group Scratch, which is made up of Ribsteiz ex-cons. Mink enlists all of them into the rescue plan, including Noiz, who left his Allmate at Aoba’s pad.

They track Tae to a garbage disposal plant, where Aoba finds her in the hands of an possessed Mizuki. Mizuki is ready to kill Tae on the spot! What follows is a pretty damn trippy scene, where Aoba is pulled into what seems like an hallucination. Included here is odd black fluid pouring out of Aoba’s ears, people without faces, and the phantom of Mizuki. The phantom explains that Morphine invaded Dry Juice and forced them to assimilate. Morphine appears to be much more than a regular Rib group, being run by purple formless shapes who take over the minds of rival groups. Throughout the explanation, Aoba’s other personality tries to break through, laughing and uttering “destroy!” The episode crash closes on Mizuki screaming and frothing at the mouth.


A team of men.
A team of men.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious to me that Koujaku doesn’t really like anyone who isn’t Aoba. Maybe he’s just the jealous type. 😛 There also seems to be some sort of spat between Mink’s Allmate and the other Allmates. It is nice to finally formally meet Mink, as he has been lurking around in the background since episode 1. However, he didn’t leave much of an impression as of yet. True he comes off as commanding, but other than that’s he’s a fairly blank slate. In terms of a threat, I felt more menace from Noiz and particularly Virus and Trip.

So is Mizuki dead? Or is he just being mind controlled? Just what was that headtrip with Aoba? Is the other Aoba evil? What were those purple shadows that were part of Morphine? So many questions – not to mention the fact that Platinum Jail was not mentioned at all in this episode. Hopefully the show has enough time and episodes to actually answer most of the questions they are presenting to us. If it ends in a “play the game” conclusion the show will lose some points with me, but I think I’ll still rank this one mid-range.

Next Episode: “Data_06_Revelation”

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