HaNaYaMaTa – Episode 5 Review – “First Step” 

naru kawaiNaru used Kawai. It was super effective 😀

HaNaYaMaTa – Episode 5 Review – “First Step” 

Last Episode: 

We got some interesting backstory on Tami and Machi. Tami joined the Yosakoi group after seeing Hana and Naru practice. It reminded her of her days in ballet, which she enjoyed much more than her current lonely lessons. She did them for the approval of her cold father, who was against her being in a yosakoi group. But with a push of courage from Naru herself, Tami is able to stand up to her father and convince him otherwise.

This Episode:

Tami Yaya bond
Tami and Yaya bond

Now with Tami joined, the yosakoi club only needs one more member to be a proper club. Problem solved relatively easily, as Yaya signs on as the fourth member, but in name only of course. She’s the tsundere after all, as Hana says :P.

The club also attended the Shounan Yosakoi Festival. The festival invigorates the club and they resolve to build up their team and improve their dancing, so they can participate in the Hanairo Yosakoi Festival that is coming up.


"Well of course I'm gorgeous"
“Well of course we’re both gorgeous”

While this was a filler/team building episode, it did not feel bloated. The moments between Yaya and Tami were appreciated, who are not as close as Naru and Hana. Masaru the yosakoi shop owner appears to be a character who will explain rules and dole out exposition. Tokiwa Sally their teacher sponsor, is the usual “I can’t get a date” teacher that you often find in these slice of life shows, but she’s harmless. One thing I will say about this episode is that I wish we got to see more of the dancing at the festival, especially the group of girls who were around the same age as our protagonists. I’m not sure if they ran out of time in the episode or production was too cheap, but they only show us a few seconds of the actual festival.

I have to say though, the moments where Naru dives head first into a fanciful speech, only to become completely embarrassed are very funny. We got two of these cute moments in this episode alone!

Next Episode: “Try, Try, Try”


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