Sabagebu! – Survival Game Club – Episode 5 Review

buddhist monk MiouAngels, Demons and Buddha all in one episode.

Sabagebu! – Survival Game Club – Episode 5 Review

Last Episode:

A challenge from a gamer named Fried Chicken Lemon, a banana only diet, and Momoka’s insane mother!

This Episode:

hold up and get out

– Miou becomes a Buddhist and disbands the Survival Game Club. Also, a crazed Buddhist monk.

– Urara breaks the lever on the toilet so she has to escape before any of the other girls see the “evidence” left behind. Miou calls in the choppers XD.

– Sonokowa finds a rare gun lying around the club room. Her shoulder angel and shoulder devil have an all out fight over whether she should give it to Miou or not.


monk smash

The Buddhist gag was a great way to start off the episode. Miou is so blatantly oblivious to anything around her, that almost every situation she lands herself in is hilarious. The middle gag could be one of the first times ever that I’ve found toilet humour to be funny. It’s probably because the focus was on just how ridiculously far Urara would go to not be found out instead of the actual toilet humour. She is also delightfully yuri without knowing it so the running gag continues to work. My favorite is the last segment, with three different sides of Sonokowa facing off against each other for one stupid airsoft gun. Sonokowa really is a bit of a megalomaniac.

Next: Episode 6


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