Terror In Resonance – Episode 5 Review – “Hide & Seek” 

Nine explosionI may love this show a little too much…

Terror In Resonance – Episode 5 Review – “Hide & Seek”

Last Episode:

A homeless Lisa was picked up by Twelve. He brings her back to their base against the wishes of Nine. Sphinx planted another bomb, but this time it was a distraction from the real prize. While the police were out grabbing the bomb, Nine hacked into the system, obtaining all the files and knowledge the police had. He also broadcast all of the info the police had on them to the cellphones of the public.

This Episode:


Lisa stays with Nine and Twelve while she recuperates. Nine is still against it, saying she’ll get in the way of their goal. Twelve is slowly becoming too involved. Lisa tries to make herself useful, but only screws with their equipment and burns food.

Another bomb is planted, and another riddle is broadcasted. But this time Nine has made the riddle quite easy, so that Shibazaki can figure out the connection between all the riddles and the placement of the bombs. It appears that their mission goes beyond normal terrorist attacks.

However, not everything has gone as planned. The police have been called off the bomb, and a “special team” has been deployed instead. A team that appears to only consist of a man speaking English and one white haired woman…


I Found You

Phew, that was a rollercoaster of an episode. It was so immensely exciting and completely engrossing. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. It looks like we are starting to get to the meat of the whole mystery. Just what is Rising Peace Academy? What does it have to do with Nine, Twelve and the mysterious white haired woman? Is she friend or foe to Nine and Twelve?

The comedic moments with Lisa were nice quick breathers in an otherwise stressful episode. While they weren’t laugh out loud funny, they did break the tension, so that we didn’t go crazy. It will be interesting to see what the fate of Lisa will be next. The show hasn’t given us many clues on where it wants to take the character yet.

The climax of the episode was excellent. Each and every episode kicks the plot up a notch, with different sides packing a punch each time. It’s becoming clear that this is not just a power struggle between the police and Sphinx. There’s something much larger here at stake and I can’t wait to find out what it is. The introduction of a equal if not greater threat to Sphinx has elevated this show even more. There also appeared to be an American or someone who speaks fluent English with the woman. Just what that means is not clear yet, but it speaks to even more outside forces.

Next: “Ready Or Not”


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