Tokyo Ghoul – Episode 5 Review – “Scars” 

Touka's kaguneAll the cool kids are biting each other’s shoulders. 

Tokyo Ghoul – Episode 5 Review – “Scars”

Last Episode:

It was hinted that Ken is not the only person who is half ghoul half human. It was also suggested that Rize’s death was not accidental. Tsukiyama Shu played Ken like a fiddle, buying his friendship and then offering him up as dinner to a elite ghoul society. But when he discovers that Ken is a halfer, he wants Ken only for himself. Tsukiyama stopped Ken from getting eaten, but is cooking up a plan to have the kid for a meal later.

This Episode:

You ok there Tsukiyama?
You ok there Tsukiyama?

Touka is weakened because of the human food she ingested last episode. Unlike other ghouls who pretend to eat human food or merely throw it back up, she actually passed it. Her school friend Yoriko stops by to give her some food as a gift, and she eats the whole pot full, much to Ken’s surprise.

Later, Ken comes upon some other ghouls who are beating up Nishiki in an alleyway. They are preparing to cannibalize him, but Ken steps in to drive them off. He does so without using his kagune (ghoul powers), sticking to physical combat. He takes Nishiki back to his apartment, to find a human woman waiting there. This is Kimi, and she and Nishiki are lovers. Kimi is also aware of the fact that Nishiki is a Ghoul. She implores Ken for his help in healing Nishiki, who is still recovering from his battle with Ken in episode 3.

Things take a turn for the worse however, as Tsukiyama kidnaps Kimi. He leaves a note for Ken to meet him at the church at midnight. Ken and Nishiki go to the church together, much to Tsukiyama’s annoyance. Tsukiyama wants Kaneki to feast on Kimi’s body while he in turns feasts on Ken’s body. He’s definitely not right in the head XD. The battle has begun – Tsukiyama vs Ken, Nishiki (who is weakened) and Touka (who is also less than full health).


Nishiki and Kimi
Nishiki and Kimi

As the most battle heavy episode of the show so far, it was pretty fun to watch. The situation does seem to be quite dire at the moment for Ken, Nishiki and Touka. As I have said before, the action sequences in Tokyo Ghoul are well done. Tsukiyama went full psycho this episode, which on a personal note, was kind of disappointing. I liked it when he was only quirky and dramatic, as it was more disturbing, at least to me. He still kicks some serious ass though.

The character moments for Nishiki in this episode filled out his character, even if they were awkwardly thrown into the middle of a fight. *shrug* Anime and Manga do it all the time. I won’t spoil what Nishiki sees in Kimi, as it is both sweet and disturbing at the same time. As for Ken stepping up to save the same person who tried to eat both him and his friend, it still felt true to his character. Ken is a sensitive kid who isn’t very malicious. It’s what gets him in trouble with people like Nishiki and Tsukiyama. Hopefully Ken will learn from these experiences, and lose some of his naivety.

I still can’t tell if the show has censorship, or just has weird stylistic choices. Tsukiyama pierces Ken with a stomach shot, but it’s shaded out with black for some reason. Yet they aren’t shy about showing massive amounts of blood, and other people getting stabbed. So in the end it just stands out as an odd choice of animation.

Next: “Cloudburst”


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