Akame Ga Kill! – Episode 6 Review – “Kill The Absolute Justice”

Sheele's deathSome lustre lost…

Akame Ga Kill! – Episode 6 Review – “Kill The Absolute Justice”

Last Episode:

There was some backstory for Sheele, who is the show’s yandere. Tatsumi tried out Zank’s Imperial Arm but it rejected him. Najenda warned Tatsumi of the greatest threat to Night Raid, General Esdeath. Tatsumi also met Seryu, an Imperial Guard bent on bringing the Night Raid soldiers to justice. She isn’t aware that Tatsumi is part of Night Raid.

This Episode:

Gee, I'm surprised that you turned out to be crazy. *rolls eyes*
Gee, I’m surprised that you turned out to be crazy. *rolls eyes*

Tatsumi and Leone take out two targets in the red light district of the Capital easily. We then catch up with Sheele and Tsundere, er I mean, Mine. They are on their way back to base when Seryu attacks them.

Sheele and Mine soon find that they are in trouble as Seryu’s Imperial Arms Coro regenerates all wounds easily. Mine is soon overwhelmed, so much that Sheele has to sacrifice herself so that Mine can live. Coro devours Sheele while Mine escapes and relates the death back to her teammates. In other news, Esdeath arrives back in town.


Coro's berserker form
Coro’s berserker form

First off, and this will anger some people, but I really don’t care about Sheele’s death. This is a character that we literally knew nothing about until the episode before she died. Am I supposed to care about a character we knew for such a little time? Instead, it just seems like she was only in the show be cannon fodder. But on the other hand, the tone is already pretty bleak, and we have seen other friends of Tatsumi die gruesomely. In short, her death just feels like a failed attempt at a shocking twist moment. Compare this to Mami from Madoka Magica, a character that died in episode 3 of that series. We still spent ample time with her, learning her backstory and several of her character traits. She also felt much more rounded as a character than Sheele, who is your basic clutzy yandere.

As a result I can’t bring myself to find any hatred for Seryu Uquibitious, despite her incredibly silly name. She is only doing what she perceives as her duty. Night Raid killed two people she looked up to (her mentor Ogre and her father) so why wouldn’t she want to bring them to justice?

Another thing that Sheele’s death brings up for me is the fact that Bulat or Lubbock will probably be next to die. I ran into this problem with the first version of Full Metal Alchemist, where the show would introduce characters just so they could be killed off. I fully expect this show to emulate that, since none of the characters have been given much development, including Bulat and Lubbock. Neither has had much screen time – in fact, the biggest screen time eater other than Tatsumi in the series has been Mine, NOT Akame. Akame has been absent in the majority of these episodes, so much that I often forget she’s in the show. Mine is also fairly annoying so to me, this was not the best choice.

On a positive note, the fights were fun and exciting. Though I feel like they would have more importance if they weren’t mostly just “here’s a random evil guy, let’s kill him.” Overall this was not the strongest episode of Akame Ga Kill!.

Next: “Kill The Three – Part One”


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