DRAMAtical Murder – Episode 6 Review – “Data_06_Revelation”

inside mizuki's consciousnessAnswers.

DRAMAtical Murder – Episode 6 Review – “Data_06_Revelation”

Last Episode:

After getting the information he needed from Aoba, Mink offered his help in finding Tae. Together with Noiz, Koujaku, and Clear, they track Tae to a garbage disposal plant. Mizuki is holding her captive, and he’s defected to join the ranks of Morphine. Before he can kill Aoba’s Grandma, Aoba is sucked into a weird dream world with a phantom of the real Mizuki. Aoba’s alternate personality emerges and tells him to destroy Mizuki…

This Episode: 

Aoba's other personality
Aoba’s other personality

The dream suddenly dissolves into a Rhyme game, with Toue looking in on the proceedings. He tells Aoba that everything will start once he activates his powers. We also see that mysterious blue haired guy in the hat with Toue again. Aoba awakens to find Tae safe and Mizuki unconscious.

Later at Aoba’s house, Tae decides to sit everyone down and reveal just what it going on. She was a researcher in one of Toue’s labs, looking at what she believed was brain damage. However in reality her work was used for the purpose of brainwashing. The zombie-like people around town (and the disappearances Mizuki spoke of) were the failed experiments. Effectively, Morphine replaces a person’s consciousness; such as they did with Mizuki. Tae thinks that Toue wants to eventually take control of every person on the island, and use that as proof to sell his experiments overseas.

Tae then shoos away the rest of the group to talk to Aoba one on one. She informs him that he has the ability to put his consciousness into the minds of others. We saw that in action last episode when he was in that odd dreamlike world of Mizuki’s. The power is named Scrap, and he can activate it with his voice. Tae doesn’t sugarcoat it though, as she also tells him that he is the reason why Mizuki hasn’t woken up yet. Lastly, we learn that his “accident” occurred during a Rhyme game that made him lose his memories. His consciousness was fading in and out, so Tae’s medicine kept that in check. But lately it has been losing its effect and his alternate personality is rebelling.

The police, who have been sent by Toue, interrupt the discussion. Virus and Trip warn Aoba in advance, so he escapes into the night. Though not before he receives an invitation to join Platinum Jail. Elsewhere, Mink tells Koujaku something about Aoba that causes him to gasp, but we don’t hear what it is. Koujaku also gets his very own invitation to Platinum Jail…


Who is this?
Who is this?

Even though this was an exposition heavy episode I’m not too bothered by it. It was the right time to give us some answers. If the show had waited a couple episodes more it might have been too late. Even though the reveal consisted of stuff that we’ve all seen before, it was good to get it out of the way.

It appears that Toue will be the “evil business man” instead of the “evil mastermind” or “evil mad scientist” character. We haven’t seen much of him yet, nor does it feel like he has done enough for the audience to actively dislike him. One thing I am curious about is the identity and purpose of the kid in the top hat. My guess is that he’ll be one of the biggest obstacles for Aoba, and most likely has a very personal connection to our lead. There’s also the possibility that he is one of those characters that only speaks telepathically.

As for what Mink told Koujaku, I’m not even that sure. It’s probably something along the lines of what Tae revealed to Aoba, judging by the fact that Mink noted that Aoba “deceives people.” We still don’t know what Koujaku had to talk to Aoba about in Episode 4, but I don’t think we ever will *shrugs*.

Next: “Data_07_Distance”


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