HaNaYaMaTa – Episode 6 Review – “Try, Try, Try”

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HaNaYaMaTa – Episode 6 Review – “Try, Try, Try””

Last Episode:

Yaya became the fourth member of the yosakoi club. Though she keeps insisting that she’s a member in name only. The girls also went to go see the Shounan Yosakoi Festival. It buoyed their spirits enough to double their efforts for the upcoming Hanairo Yosakoi Festival.

This Episode:

The dignity of Sally-chan
The dignity of Sally-chan

Now that the club doesn’t have to worry about the school disbanding them, they decide to work on their logo and concept. “Let’s go goth,” Tami hilariously suggests. The girls want to attend a department store event, but this time it’s Sally who is denying them. Wearing her down with their cuteness, Sally agrees to let them go if they fulfill two conditions. Number one, they must show their yosakoi dance to Sally by the end of the month. Second, each member must get an average score of 80 on their upcoming exams.

Everyone passes the 80% threshold except for Hana, who ends up with a 72%. But never fear, for she wins Sally over with her charm. That and she accidentally gave Sally her choreography notes. XD The final push for Sally is seeing the girls perform a dance for their classmates. The episode ends on a note of disappointment though, as Yaya’s rock band gets rejected at their audition.


The doubts of Naru's father
The doubts of Naru’s father

This was a more comedic episode then the last few have been. The tone seems to change episode to episode for HaNaYaMaTa *shrug*. It’s not as distracting as the increasingly off pacing. It started last episode where they obviously compressed time so that they could fit everything into a episode with the glaring omission of a full yosakoi dance. In fact, the show has yet to give us a complete routine. Which I’m not sure is selling the art form that well. But nevertheless the show still has me on board because the characters are so damn charming.

Speaking of characters, Machi (the student council president) was nowhere to be found in this episode. It is making me wonder when exactly she will join the group, as we are already halfway through the summer season. While HaNaYaMaTa has lost some of the shine it had in the first 3 episodes, I still like it enough to keep watching.

Next: “Girl Identity”

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