Sabagebu! – Survival Game Club – Episode 6 Review

yakuza sonokawa“Nice Tsundere!” 

Sabagebu! – Survival Game Club – Episode 6 Review

Last Episode:

Miou became a Buddhist, Urara had to ninja escape from the girls washroom (and failed miserably), and Sonokawa had a 3 person battle with herself.

This Episode:

Miou solves with money
Seems fair.

– Isuyugi Yayoi, the student council president, vows revenge on Miou for being annoying and oblivious. Her action plan is to turn the members of the Survival Game Club against Miou one by one. As you can imagine it fails horribly.

– Sakura-sensei bought a nice and comfy chair for her to sit in at the clubhouse. When she leaves, the girls start an all out yakuza war to claim it.



Just two stories this week instead of the usual three, which was not as effective. While the episode was still fairly funny, it’s the weakest of the show to this point. Do keep in mind that that’s a minor complaint. 😛

Urara is totally the secret lesbian of the group. My favorite character with confusing feelings about other female characters is Kaori from Azumanga Daioh, but Urara is a close second. Any character that pokes fun at both yuri and tsundere in the same episode is in my good books! On a quick side note, where was Platy this episode? Miou even said there were designing a new mascot!

Next: Episode 7

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