Terror In Resonance – Episode 6 Review – “Ready Or Not”

Ready or notI’m stoked for Episode 7.

Terror In Resonance – Episode 6 Review – “Ready Or Not”

Last Episode: 

Nine and Twelve set up another bomb, but this time it did not go as planned. Instead of the police working on the case, a “special team” arrives that takes over for them. It’s the white haired girl from Nine and Twelve’s past, number Five. Five’s plan is to leave the bomb as is, forcing Sphinx to go and disarm it themselves. Nine successfully finds the bomb, but not before it explodes, injuring some people in the process. Luckily there were not any deaths. As the smoke clears, a text is sent to everyone’s cell with three simple words: I Found You.

This Episode: 

Five enters the arena…

Five and FBI Agent Clarence are revealed to be part of the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division. They have an vested interest in the stolen plutonium that Sphinx has. They also appear to have been contracted by the heads of the companies that were attacked by Sphinx – the same ones Shibazaki pointed out last episode.

The police receive another bomb threat, but this time it’s not from Sphinx. Shibazaki notices that something is off, but he can’t quite put his finger on it yet. Sphinx is in a tough spot. If they don’t disarm it they will be labeled as murderers. However, going to dispose of the bomb is walking straight into Five’s trap. With both Sphinx and the police having their hands tied, it appears that Five is in full control, but there’s a new element. Lisa wants to be an member, not an accomplice.


Twelve's Synthe
Twelve’s color synesthesia

This was a set up episode for something that I’m sure will be immensely entertaining. Five and Nine appear to be the masterminds of the show, while Twelve is the wild card should it not go completely to plan. How effective will Lisa be in aiding Sphinx? She hasn’t proven herself to be too reliable in any manner yet, but I am glad that the show has decided to do something with the character. I just hope that his infatuation with Lisa won’t come back to bite Twelve in the ass.

We also learned something new about Twelve, as he has the rare ability of color synesthesia, which allows him to connect sounds to specific colours. I like that we learn about our protoganists in little pieces and not whole exposition dumps. Having said that I would still like to know more about them at this juncture. It’s the one major fault of Terror In Resonance that I can put a name to at this point. I still have faith that this will be rectified in later episodes.

Another facet that caught my attention this episode was the growing respect for Shibazaki within the police force. It appears that even with the FBI throwing around their clout, the police aren’t out of action just yet. More and more, Shibazaki is becoming my favorite character of the show.

Lisa's pale yellow colour
Lisa’s pale yellow colour

Next: “Deuce”


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