Tokyo Ghoul – Episode 6 Review – “Cloudburst”

Touka kagune prettyCliffhanger!?!?

Tokyo Ghoul – Episode 6 Review – “Cloudburst”

Last Episode:

Tsukiyama kidnapped Nishiki’s lover Kimi to use as bait in an attempt to lure out Ken. Ken and Nishiki fought Tsukiyama together, but with Nishiki still being injured and Ken just learning the ropes of defense they were no match. Touka then joined the fray…

This Episode:

Hinami Fueguchi
Hinami and Ryoko Fueguchi

Touka and Tsukiyama have an epic battle. One a side note, the animation of the kagune powers is beautiful. Touka ends the fight with a devastating blow to the psychotic gourmet. It’s from the frying pan into the fire though, as Touka wants to kill Kimi anyways. She knows too much about Ken and Nishiki. Before she can deal the killing blow Kimi utters “how pretty” when she sees Touka’s kagune. Disarmed and embarrassed, Touka makes a quick exit.

Nishiki then comes to work at Anteiku. Hinami is acting up at the moment, demanding to see her father. When Ken asks Mrs.Fueguchi about it, she seems sad and worried about the whereabouts of her husband. While she is comforting her daughter, Dr.Fueguchi is visited by Jason. Jason appears to be a codename, as Fueguchi calls him Yamori. The Doctor has repaired Jason’s wrench, the one that supposedly killed Rize. The doctor has more guests – Amon and Mado show up at the Doctor’s hideout.

Amon is no match for Jason, but Mado holds his own with his quinque weapon. Jason’s kagune breaks the quinque, leaving Mado perplexed but unworried. Jason quickly makes his exit. Mado then delivers the fatal blow to Fueguchi.

Hinami and her mother are tracked down on the street by the CCG. Mado, Amon and two other agents corner the two in an alleyway. Mrs.Fueguchi activates her kagune and pleads with Hinami to run away. As Hinami runs, Ken spies something that catches his attention. Cliffhanger!


Mado the insane Dove
Mado the insane Dove

To end the episode there was dirty pool – but it was effective. I’m eagerly awaiting next episode now. I have to say that I saw Dr.Fueguchi’s death coming, but that didn’t make the impact any less harsh. By next episode, Hinami may become an orphan. If that is the case, I’m torn. I do love storylines that make innocent characters go dark, like Jeri in Digimon or Willow from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. They have to be done right though. If they are botched completely like Kisara from Black Bullet, then count me out. One question I had was why did they not show Fueguchi’s face the whole episode? Is he supposed to be revealed as someone important later? It seems like an odd choice for someone who is already dead.

The conclusion of the fight against Tsukiyama was spectacular. The adrenaline was definitely flowing through the veins of this episode. We finally got to see Touka’s kagune and the animation for it truly does make it look pretty – but in a brutal way, if that makes sense. Since Nishiki’s hiring at Anteiku was a consequence of the fight, I wonder how long he will stay. He doesn’t seem like a person who enjoys being cooped up or protected. Ken and Touka also had a sweet moment, where they discussed humans and ghouls being in love.

Finally, I’m convinced it actually is censorship rather than a stylistic choice. It seems counter-intuitive to have a show that doesn’t shy away from blood and decapitation to have random bits of censorship. At the very least it makes you shake your head a bit.

Jason without his mask
Jason without his mask

Next Episode: “Captivity”


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