Akame Ga Kill! – Episode 7 Review – “Kill The Three (Part One)”

bulat night raidLame Episode! 

Akame Ga Kill! – Episode 7 Review – “Kill The Three (Part One)” 

Last Episode: 

Seryu and her Imperial Arms Coro killed Sheele in battle. Mine was injured, but was able to escape thanks to Sheele.

This Episode: 

General Esdeath
General Esdeath

General Esdeath and her flunkies are back in town. With her are “The Three Beasts”; General Liver, Nyau and Daidara. Under her orders, they kill political officials who oppose Onest. In addition, they peg the murders on Night Raid.

In the wake of Sheele’s death, Tatsumi promises to Akame that he won’t die. As a result of the political assassinations, Najenda sends Night Raid out in two teams to watch over potential targets. Tatsumi and Bulat watch over a politician aboard a cruise ship. Unfortunately for them, it’s the next target for Esdeath’s servants.


Dead meat aka Daidara
Dead meat aka Daidara

I’m not sure what the point of the “I want to fall in love” part was with Esdeath at the beginning. It felt extremely tagged on, even with this show’s awkward way of storytelling. Was it supposed to say that even though she is an evil character in the show she still has “womanly ways?” I hate that kind of cliché crap. It’s not making her character any stronger at least.

The passing of Sheele is dealt with to a decent amount. Even though there was some melodrama with Akame and Tatsumi, it felt natural enough in the face of a dear friend being slain. At the very least it wasn’t like she was immediately forgotten. As for who is going to bite the bullet next, my bet is either on Lubbock or Bulat. I’m leaning more towards Bulat since he is the one fighting the Three. I can tell that this is one of those shows that loves killing off its characters just because it can. Besides that, they gave Bulat some backstory this episode, and as we saw with Sheele, that’s not a good omen.

What I would love to see is them kill off Tatsumi. That would give Night Raid something to think about. It would affect Akame in particular with the wake of Tatsumi’s promise. But I know this show is too safe to ever go down that path. Keep in mind, just because the show is okay with killing off characters like Sheele does not mean it isn’t safe.

As for the Three Beasts, Nyau and Daidara were super lame. Nyau is your typical crossdressing sexually deviant male character wtih psychotic tendencies. His character archetype is so boring and so overdone. Daidara doesn’t even last until the end of the episode so he’s not even worth mentioning in passing. Liver could be interesting considering his connection to Bulat’s past.

Next: “Kill The Three (Part Two)”


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