Aldnoah Zero – Episode 6 Review – “Steel Step Suite”

war declarationI knew there was something off about Magberedge…

Aldnoah Zero – Episode 6 Review – “Steel Step Suite”

Last Episode:

The Emperor of Vers called a truce, so he could look into the death of his granddaughter Princess Asseylum. Saazbaum became suspicious of the circumstances around Trillam’s death. Slaine tried to find a way to let the Emperor know that Asseylum is indeed still alive. Lt.Marito tried to join in the fight against Vlad, but was crippled by his PTSD, and his memory of a fellow soldier by the name of John Humeray.

This Episode:

fist kataphrakt

After Saazbaum effectively tricked him, the Emperor calls off the truce and declares war on Earth. The United Earth forces declare war as well. Inaho and his friends are drafted into the army and immediately given posts. Calm becomes an engineer, while Inaho and Inko are Kataphrakt pilots. The ship needs to go somewhere remote to recharge so Magbaredge picks the abandoned area of Tanegashima.

This sends Marito into a panic as memories of John Humeray and the war dominate his head. During the war 15 years ago, he wrote a report entitled the Tanegashima Report, detailing Vers’ and Aldnoah. The report was discarded and is believed to be false by the public. Meanwhile Slaine is making a break for it from Count Cruhteo’s sky castle. His actions have been found out, but Saazbaum wants him returned alive. Saazbaum is interested in the findings of Slaine’s father, who studied Aldnoah.

The Princess explains what Aldnoah is to Inaho. In short, it is special power that only she and her grandfather can bestow on people, giving them mech powers beyond the usual Earth measures. On another side of the boat, Marito and Doctor Yagarai bring up the subject of John Humeray again. This time Magbaredge has something to add though – John was her brother. Before we can get into that plot bomb, another Martian Kataphrakt attacks, using its five detachable rocket fists. Marito is again out for the count due to his PTSD. Inaho seems to be in a pinch, with a fist heading straight for him, when Slaine pulls a last minute surprise save.


marito humeray

Slaine being turned into an outlaw this early in the series surprised me a little. I thought he would operate behind the scenes at Count Cruhteo’s for a couple more episodes. On the other hand, I like how they did not drag it out too much. They got to the point and I can appreciate that. Even though he will probably become a prisoner of the Earth forces, at least he isn’t under the literal heel of Cruhteo anymore.

The reveal of Magberedge’s grudge against Marito was unexpected. It was hinted at when she was introduced, but it did not click in my mind until it was already revealed. It lends credence to my theory that she could be the Martian spy who is trying to kill the Princess. Some of the military decisions she has made could easily be cover ups for traps, including this most recent choice of Tanegashima. Did she choose it to get back at Marito? Or did she know that there would be a Vers Kataphrakt already there, even though the area has been abandoned for years? It’s just a theory right now though. That or it could be Doctor Yagarai, based on the fact he’s shown up a lot but we know next to nothing about him.

asselyum ponders

Next: “The Boys Of Earth”

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