Aldnoah Zero – Episode 7 Review – “The Boys of Earth”

slaine fistBat and Orange.

Aldnoah Zero – Episode 7 Review – “The Boys Of Earth” 

Last Episode:

The Vers Emperor called off the truce and restarted the war. Slaine escaped from Cruhteo’s sky castle. Inaho and his friends were recruited into the army. Asseylum briefly explained how Aldnoah works. The Terran group lands at Tanegashima, the site where Marito fought alongside John Humeray. Magbaredge revealed that Humeray was her brother, causing her to carry a grudge against Marito. There’s another Martian Kataphrakt to deal with, but this time Slaine is stepping in to lend a hand.

This Episode:

Marito's memory
Marito’s memory

Saazbaum calls off Cruhteo for now, content on keeping an eye on Slaine instead of pursuing him. He wants Slaine to unwittedly lead him to the Terran group. The battle at Tanegashima rages on between Femieanne and Inaho, Yuki, Inko and Slaine. The damaged ship discovers a secret base in the rocks and docks inside it, shutting off the exit.

Asseylum wonders aloud if she is the reason why this whole war started. Rayet provides a definitive “yes” in answer. Magbaredge’s second in command Mizusaki has found something quite interesting in the cave – a buried Martian Kataphrakt. The same one that Marito fought 15 years ago. The same one that lead to John Humeray dying…

Outside, Inaho and Slaine team up to shoot down the flying fists of Hellas, Femieanne’s Kataphrakt. Once they are depleted, Hellas transforms into one solid fist to take them down…You’ll have to watch the rest of the episode to see how this plays out!


Inaho, Yuki and Inko in Kataphrakts
Inaho, Yuki and Inko in Kataphrakts

The conclusion to the fight with Femieanne is pretty darn epic. It proofs to me again that the show can have great action sequences without going too overboard. There’s only limited amounts of screaming thankfully. No huge power-ups needed either, just logic and planning. As Yuki says, Inaho’s “crazy stunts tend to be right.” However, I’m still interested in Slaine’s problems more than any of Inaho’s. In fact I’m not sure Inaho has any dilemmas.

Also, what was with that ending? Sudden, abrupt and kind of out of character for Inaho. Please please please don’t go down the “rival” route that so many mech shows do. It’s a tired and boring mechanic that I have never been a fan of. I can understand trying to create tension and conflict, but forcing a rivalry down our throats would be suffocating to the show’s intentions. Inaho doesn’t seem like the type of person who would even be interested in such things anyways. I can see Slaine being caught up in one due to his emotionally reactive nature. But Inaho is too cool-headed to be griping about such trivial things. Well hopefully Slaine can catch a break sooner than later.

The Princess keeps revealing herself to more and more people, putting her in more danger. Now that Magbaredge is one of those people, I’ll be keeping an eye on her to see how she interacts with Asseylum. I still have my doubts about Magbaredge and her possibility of being a Vers spy. Rayet is another character to watch, as she is displaying a darker side recently. She could be a wild card in upcoming battles.

Next: “Then And Now”

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