DRAMAtical Murder – Episode 7 Review – “Data_07_Distance”

Ryuho bloodSuddenly blood!

DRAMAtical Murder – Episode 7 Review – “Data_07_Distance” 

Last Episode:

Aoba was able to save his grandmother Tae but not his friend Mizuki. Tae revealed her role in Toue’s experiments on brain control. She also told Aoba about his “Scrap” power, which allows him to go into the minds of people and control them, just like Morphine. Mink told Koujaku something about Aoba that surprised him. Lastly, Aoba and Koujaku were both sent invitations to Platinum Jail…

This Episode: 

The gate to Platinum Jail
The gate to Platinum Jail

In a short flashback scene to their childhood, Koujaku and Aoba promise to each other that they won’t lose. Back in the present they enter the world of Platinum Jail. They are oddly greeted by a dancing Panda costume. “Talk about suspicious as hell,” Koujaku aptly murmurs.

Once inside, Toue immediately tries to brainwash them. They escape to an alleyway where upon Koujaku spies someone he recognizes. It’s a tall dirty blonde man with a necklace of skulls. Aoba loses track of Koujaku and ends up in a nightclub. The lights in the club are an kind of brain control drug, but before he can pass out, the man Koujaku went after appears. Aoba awakens to find himself captured by this man, an tattoo artist named Ryuho. Ryuho’s tattoos have power over the people he crafts them on, causing their rage to drive them over the edge. He is about to create his own tattoo on Aoba.

Koujaku barges in demanding revenge on Ryuho. Koujaku reveals a hidden tattoo; Ryuho’s incomplete masterpiece. Koujaku’s blood begins to boil…


Psycho Koujaku
Psycho Koujaku

This is just an observation not a condemnation, but the amount of bloodshed in this episode came out of nowhere. Although it was refreshing to actually see Koujaku use his sword after teasing us with it so many times. There was a nice contrast between the darkness of Koujaku’s past and the sweet nature of the relationship between him and Aoba. They act like a couple that’s been together for several years. In terms of connection to the game (which I haven’t played, sorry), players will get to see if they chose the good ending or the bad ending for Koujaku.

The introduction to the world of Platinum Jail felt unfinished, but I figure that we’ll spend a good deal of time for the remaining episodes inside it. One thing that was clear was that anywhere Aoba goes in this place he’s automatically in danger of drugs, brainwashing or kidnapping. Oh wait, that isn’t that different from the real world XP. Naw, I’m just kidding.


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2 thoughts on “DRAMAtical Murder – Episode 7 Review – “Data_07_Distance””

    1. What are you usually into? This is a Boys Love Anime, though I have heard it is very toned down from the game it’s based on. It’s not a bad show, entertaining and intriguing. On a scale of Skip/Watch/Buy/Devour, I would give it a “Watch.” If you can ignore small plot holes then you should be fine.

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