Haikyu!! – Episode 19 Review – “Conductors”

Kageyama's setter dump“The first win is like a good beer” XD Ukai

Haikyu!! – Episode 19 Review – “Conductors”

Last Episode:

Karasuno won their match against Dateko, due to the heroics of Nishinoya and Azumane. Azumane finally got the Dateko monkey off his back. Their next opponent will be Aoba Johsai, and the multi-talented setter Oikawa.

This Episode:

The match against Aoba Johsai begins with a bang – as Oikawa pulls off a setter spike by faking out Karasuno. He rubs salt in the wound by telling them “I’ll be doing that again, so pay attention.” Kageyama has his own comeback, faking out everyone (including his own teammates) with a setter dump – the same move that Kenma did in their Nekoma practice match. The face on Azumane was priceless. Staring Oikawa down, Kageyama parrots his own words right back at him, visibly angering Oikawa. This is going to be a good match.


Oikawa challenges Kageyama
Oikawa challenges Kageyama

Though it was mostly just a set up episode, the start of the Aoba Johsai match was pretty exciting. I don’t believe that Karasuno will pull off the win this time however. Sports anime usually like to have a big failure before the team rises in power. This will be Karasuno’s failure before they rise to the top. Not much else to say this week, except for the beer analogy by Ukai was hilarious.

Next: “Oikawa Toru Is Not A Genius”


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