Haikyu!! – Episode 20 Review – “Oikawa Toru Is Not A Genius”

Oikawa KageyamaThe events of the episode say otherwise… 

Haikyu!! – Episode 20 Review – “Oikawa Toru Is Not A Genius”

Last Episode:

The match against Aoba Johsai began with a bang. Oikawa tricked the whole Karasuno team with a setter spike. Kageyama answered back with a surprise setter dump, the move they learned from Nekoma’s setter Kenma. The match continues in the first set…

This Episode:

Tanaka slaps himself
Tanaka slaps himself

Oikawa proves that he is a sharp guy, picking up on the signals Kageyama and Hinata use for fakes and freak quicks. He also maximizes the efficiency of his serve, picking on Azumane and Tanaka. Oikawa is not a genius yes, but he is extremely composed and analytical. He aggressively goes for the kill, taking the opponent’s morale with it.

It’s not all bad news though, as Nishinoya proves that Oikawa’s serve is not unbeatable. Tanaka also survives the mental beating from Oikawa. The person who is feeling the pressure the most is Kageyama, who continues to make his tosses quicker and quicker. Eventually the acceleration becomes too much for his teammates to hit. He is a genius, but he falls too easily to pressure. Sugawara is being substituted for Kageyama…


Tanaka baldy

The focus on Tanaka and Nishinoya was nice this episode. Nishinoya has had lots of notable moments so far in the series, but it’s been a few episodes for Tanaka. Sure Hinata is ostensibly our main lead, but there’s a good deal of time spent on each member of the team. Even the reserves like Sugawara get some of the limelight.

Speaking of Sugawara, I’m eager to see how he does against the giant of Aoba Johsai. The team needs a pick me up at the moment, and Kageyama needs to cool himself down. Sugawara is a “glue that keeps the team together” kind of player, so I’m not too worried at the moment.

Next: “Senpai’s True Abilities”


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