HaNaYaMaTa – Episode 7 Review – “Girl Identity”

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HaNaYaMaTa – Episode 7 Review – “Girl Identity”

Last Episode:

The girls successfully convinced club advisor Sally to let them attend an yosakoi event at a department store. On a sad note, Yaya’s band came up empty handed at their audition.

This Episode: 

sad yaya

Now that the logo is created, the club needs costumes to go with their routine. Tami gets the smart idea to ask Machi about costumes. It appears that Machi has a weakness for cosplay and/or costumes. Maybe it’s a hint as to how they get her to join the club? 😛

In the wake of the audition Yaya’s band has decided to break up. But due to her being “strong willed and serious” (in Tami’s words) she doesn’t want the help of others to get her through this tough emotional time. Naru and Hana redouble their efforts to pierce the tsundere skin of Yaya, but it backfires on them. An embarassed Yaya harshly overreacts and tells them she hates them both. Can the girls patch up?


baka yaya

This is the second episode out of 7 where Yaya has been the main focus, as Episode 2 dealt with Yaya’s jealously. A large part of Episode 3 was concerned with Yaya accepting Hana as a friend. In fact, Yaya’s the character that has had the most development. I do wish this was more balanced across our main cast. I feel like we barely know anything about Hana in comparison to Yaya. Naru needs some more time in the spotlight as well.

I can also understand where Yaya’s character was coming from. To have worked on something you love only for it to crumble that easily is hard to deal with. Her lashing out at Naru was a tad contrived but this is a drama as well as a slice of life show.

Having said all this, the show is still just as fun and cute as it was last week. It’s a good pick me up show if you are feeling down. I’ll also give it points for not going too far with the cosplay gag. It was certainly present, but did not venture into icky pervert territory.

stop being cute tami machi

Next: “Mission Event”

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