Sabagebu! – Survival Game Club – Episode 7 Review

Bishonen SonokawaUrara does naughty things this episode.

Sabagebu! – Survival Game Club – Episode 7 Review

Last Episode:

The student council president Isurugi Yayoi tried to carry out revenge on Miou to no avail. After, the girls fought each other over a chair in a yazuka movie spoof.

This Episode:

Ahoy Bishonens!
Ahoy Bishonens!

– The girls end up in a village overrun by wildlife, and only hunters with real guns can solve the problem. Yah, it was kind of as bad as you think it was.

– The club dresses up as men, for no apparent real reason….and Sonokawa becomes an instant object of affection for the girls in the school! Hi ho Bishonen!

– A mysterious stranger appears on the school grounds, and rather then evacuate, the girls want to fight it head on. It’s revealed to be something even more truly terrifying; Sonokawa’s mother.


This fell flat >_<
This fell flat >_<

The hunting club gag was a miss in my opinion. It wasn’t very funny and it kind of felt like it was spreading the wrong type of message. It also didn’t really have that much of a punchline. It was just an awkward 7 minutes to be honest. Sonokawa becoming a momentary bishonen was hilarious. I have a feeling Urara will be doing some nasty things with those pictures she took – oh wow she did. O_O Any time Momoka’s mother is on the screen I crack up immediately. She is so mentally unstable and yet so charming that you can’t help but laugh. But if you met her in real life you wouldn’t laugh to her face, the consequences of such could be quite dire! So barring the first segment, another awesome episode of Sabagebu!

Next: Episode 8

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