Terror In Resonance – Episode 7 Review – “Deuce”

Five vs NineShibazaki gets the short end of the stick.

Terror In Resonance – Episode 7 Review – “Deuce”

Last Episode:

Five’s team planted a fake bomb under the name of Sphinx. Twelve and Nine headed to the airport to defuse the bomb despite knowing it was Five’s trap. They can’t be labeled as murderers. There’s a new element for Five to consider however – Lisa’s joined as an member of Sphinx. Noticing that the bomb was not actually planted by Sphinx, Shibazaki headed out to the bombsite with Hamura, Kinoshita and Okano in tow. As Twelve and Nine arrive, Five challenges Nine to a game of chess using the airport as the board. The prize is the location of the bomb.

This Episode:

Shibazaki realises he’s been used

Nine and Five’s obtuse game of chess continues. Shibazaki and the other police race to find the bomb. Lisa struggles with carrying out the task she’s been assigned by Sphinx. Just when Five thinks she has Nine at checkmate, she notices something off about the video feeds she has been monitoring. They have been set to five minutes in the past. Just then Nine appears outside the security van armed with a gun, but Five still has another trick up her sleeve.


Another fantastic episode of Terror In Resonance. Even including the cliché hostage situation did not sully the episode. While the show does make use of tropes and clichés from time to time, they don’t make me roll my eyes when I see them. The characters they revolve around feel distinct enough to make me bypass the trope.

I am so curious as to the fate of Shibazaki now, considering that he went far beyond merely watching the situation from afar. He’ll most likely get the blame for this, and his fellow policemen will get lighter punishments. From what we’ve seen so far, it’s probably best not to get on the wrong side of Five. In regards to Five, she was presented as a capable adversary in the last two episodes. While I never got the feeling she was unbeatable, I did feel a constant threat from her. Now that she is aware of Lisa’s involvement I feel she will get a lot harder to deal with in the last 4 episodes.

Five finds Lisa's student ID
Five finds Lisa’s student ID

I’m a bit up in the air about Lisa’s role in the episode. While it rung true to someone who’s doing something of this magnitude for the first time, I also think they went the easy route with what happens to her. Hopefully Nine talks some sense into Twelve about her. While you can tell that Nine doesn’t want to ruin the connection for Twelve, he still thinks the bigger picture matters more.

I’m sad that there are only 11 episodes allotted to this series. It’s not even over yet and I want more. If they can wrap it up with a satisfactory, but not forced ending then I’ll be content. I’m still buying the Blu-ray when it comes out regardless :P!

Next: “My Fair Lady”


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