Tokyo Ghoul – Episode 7 Review – “Captivity” 

Touka rabbitStuck between a rock and a hard place.

Tokyo Ghoul – Episode 7 Review – “Captivity” 

Last Episode: 

Touka soundly defeated Tsukiyama, and then subsequently stopped herself from killing Nishiki’s girlfriend Kimi. Kimi called her “pretty,” something that Touka never expected to hear. Nishiki is now working at the coffee shop. Jason had a quick fight with Amon and Mado. Mado seemed to be an equal match for Jason. Jason’s got his wrench back from Dr.Fueguchi, who has repaired it. Mado then kills Dr.Fueguchi. The CCG tracks down Hinami and Mrs.Fueguchi, and her mother forces Hinami to run away and save herself.

This Episode:

Kaneki's finished mask
Kaneki’s finished mask

Ken finds Hinami, but can do nothing to save Ryoko Fueguchi. The only thing he can do is make sure that Hinami doesn’t see the final blow to her mother by Mado’s quinque. Later at the shop, Touka is bent on fighting back at the Doves, but Sir warns her not to. He and the rest of the ghouls gathered there from the 24th Ward agree that it’s better to lay low, since killing the inspectors will just filter in new ones.

Amon and Mado’s prime target is Jason, but his movement has been attributed to the 11th Ward. They are disappointed they can’t go after him, but resolve to clean up the 24th Ward instead. Two other inspectors helping them are Kusaba and Nakajima. When they ask Amon about his time at the Dove Academy, he tells them of the people who have lost their lives. “The more earnest they are, the sooner they lose their lives,” he adds. On their way home, Touka sneaks up and assassinates Kusaba. She’s wearing a rabbit mask to hide her face. Amon and Mado step in to join the fight…


Ryoko accepts her death
Ryoko accepts her death

Spending some time with Amon and Mado was a good change this week. We got to see more of Amon’s character specifically. He doesn’t seem like too bad of a guy to be honest, and his sense of justice is in the right place. Mado is the one who is in this for the bloodshed and entertainment. That was evident the moment he said that “watching you ghouls imitate human behavour” was amusing to him. I can easily blame him for his actions. Amon is just doing what his job has told him to do, and you can’t fault him for that.

Ken steps up this episode, but I won’t give away how. Tokyo Ghoul has done a capable job of making his character out of the ordinary for a lead in a horror anime. Also, we finally get to see that finished mask by Mr.Uta and I have to say the design is pretty cool. Touka’s raw emotion in this episode showed both her strength and her weakness. She ran into a situation that she was too outmatched for, but in respect for someone she was close to. Even though it was foolhardy, it demonstrates her resolve. However she may be getting in over her head, as she is only one kid against a whole organization of powerful Doves.

The reaction of the other ghouls to the news of Fueguchi’s death was interesting to say the least. I understand their notion of staying out of the limelight, and can even say that I might agree with it if I was in that situation. Yet I also see how Ken and Touka feel; that payback must be doled out. Some of Sir’s values were revealed during the episode; particularly the fact that he forces someone to take care of their own problems should they step out of line. I like how even though he is a secondary character he still has distinct qualities. That makes him and consequently the show more memorable.

Next: “Circular”


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