DRAMAtical Murder – Episode 8 Review – “Data_08_Reply”

noiz bloodyKuudere time.

DRAMAtical Murder – Episode 8 Review – “Data_08_Reply” 

Last Episode:

Koujaku and Aoba entered the realm of Platinum Jail, where Koujaku ran up against his old enemy Ryuho. Ryuho’s connection to Koujaku’s dark past caused him to spiral into a fit of rage. Aoba used Scrap to go inside his friend’s head and rescue him. This time he kept himself in control and brought Koujaku back. In other news, Noiz has entered Platinum Jail.

This Episode: 

noiz morphine

We learn that Noiz is a Kuudere – er I mean – he can’t feel natural pain. The only sense of his that isn’t dulled is taste. Getting hit in the head or spilling hot coffee on his hand doesn’t register in his mind as pain. He is also from a wealthy family, and gets a sizable income from selling Rhyme information.

A person clad in white wearing a smilie face mask distracts Noiz during a fight with Morphine members. The smilie mask uses some sort of distortion technique to brainwash Noiz. Aoba has to activate his Scrap and go inside Noiz’s mind…


noiz takoyaki

I’ll give the show some points for portraying Noiz’s conflicts in ways that befit his character. Koujaku is loud, honest and active, as his episode highlighted. Noiz on the other hand is understated, guarded and cold. So having his inner turmoil representing mostly by text and not words from his own mouth was a neat choice. In light of his story, his reason for enjoying Rhyme makes sense.

I’m surprised that Rhyme hasn’t played as much of a role as I thought it would in the series. In fact, the 8-bit message game “Silent Oath” has played a larger role. *shrugs* In some ways it’s a positive as we have had more time to focus on the characters.

I could complain that the show is getting a bit formulaic as we near the end, but I also understand that we need to give each character their own redemption story. Griping about that would be redundant, so I won’t do it here. Clear appears to be the subject of next week’s episode. I am curious about why he wears the mask, and if he really is deformed or not under it. We are also seeing Aoba’s alternate personality grow stronger, so that will become a worry more and more each episode.

One question I do have is if they will have any bad endings. We have Clear and Mink left to cover. I would be surprised if they did, but would welcome it. We also have mysterious top hat guy who hasn’t said a word yet all show. He’s most likely related to Aoba in some way; probably his twin brother or something. Of all the characters, he’ll probably the one to meet a bad end.

Next: “Data_09_Echt”

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