HaNaYaMaTa – Episode 8 Review – “Mission Event”

naru accidentThe most obvious yet surprising secret ever XD 

HaNaYaMaTa – Episode 8 Review – “Mission Event” 

Last Episode:

Yaya had another fight with Naru and Hana. Her band broke up, causing her to lash out at her best friends. They patched things up and now Yaya is super into the yosakoi group. Which is good news, considering the department store performance is in one week!

This Episode: 

the distance between the Tokiwa sisters
the distance between the Tokiwa sisters

Yaya completes their backing music in time for the event. She took Tami’s original classical track and made it more popular sounding. Machi can see how much her friend Tami is enjoying being in the yosakoi club, even though it did not seem like her type of club in the beginning. Tami even invites Machi to come and watch the event. Machi doesn’t give her an answer just yet.

Naru is trying her best not to worry about the live performance, but embarrassing memories of cheerleading at an Elementary School Sports Festival drudge up. She fell during the routine and it’s left a mark on her psychologically. When the girls arrive at the Tochu Department Store, they learn that Sally forgot their music in her purse at home. Her little sister, who is revealed to be none other than Machi, must deliver it. There seems to be some sort of emotional divide between the two sisters.

After getting them the music, Machi agrees to stay and watch them dance. It all starts off well, with Naru keeping up in time and in posture. But then disaster strikes…


yosakoi practice

The filler in this episode was noticeable, but was made up for with Tami and Naru being adorable. While it wasn’t exactly super sensitive to how girls usually feel about weight, it was nice to see they used the language “it’s not fat, it’s muscle.” In all it wasn’t super offensive, just a bit misinformed.

The conflict between the Tokiwa sisters will likely be the reason why Machi will be joining the group. It seems to have to do with academics and Sally disregarding Machi’s goals. I don’t mind having Machi introduced so late in the series. I like how they take the time to slowly build up the characters in HaNaYaMaTa, as opposed to devoting the first 5 episodes solely to their intro narratives. It’s funny that Machi and Sally turned out to be sisters, as now that the secret is revealed it’s quite an obvious one. But not one that we would have seen before it was brought up. XD

Hopefully the performance disaster is averted in Episode 9, as the cliffhanger did hit us on a worrisome note. But I think that Naru has grown confident enough to pick herself back up. I’m not worried in the slightest that everything will be okay. J

Next: “Sister Complex”

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