Aldnoah Zero – Episode 8 Review – “Then And Now”

Slaine tortureSlaine = this series whipping boy

Aldnoah Zero – Episode 8 Review – “Then And Now”

Last Episode:

Inaho, Yuki and Inko defeated Femieanne and her Kataphrakt with the help of Slaine. After Slaine hesitates to answer why he is looking for the Princess, Inaho shoots his ship down. Magbaredge and the rest of the crew discovered the dormant Martian battleship Duecalion underneath the ruins of Tanegashima, as well as the remains of the Kataphrakt that killed John Humeray. Princess Asseylum activated the Aldnoah drive in the battleship, allowing them to escape. Rayet delivered the killing blow to Femieanne, stating that all Martians are not to be trusted.

This Episode:

Cruhteo Slaine Torture

Magbaredge discusses the recent events with Inaho, Asseylum, Rayet and Eddelrittuo. She promises safe passage to Asseylum until they get to United Earth HQ in Russia. Ironic that it’s in Russia of all places isn’t it? Inaho and Asseylum also discuss Slaine, and his part in the battle against Hellas.

Elsewhere Slaine is tortured by Count Cruhteo for information. Also listening in is Saazbaum, but Slaine isn’t the only person in the room who he is keeping an eye on…


meeting with the big wigs

Slaine really can’t catch a break at all. It speaks to the strength of his character that he can keep going in the face of it all. Here’s hoping that he’s building up good karma for later. Otherwise he’ll be remembered as a tragic character who had everything go wrong for him. At least Asseylum is aware that he’s out there looking for her. Hopefully that will count for something. I’m grateful for the focus on Slaine this episode, as he isn’t in the series enough.

I don’t believe that the fate of Cruhteo has already been decided by this episode. In most anime, if you don’t see a body for a supporting character, they aren’t dead yet. If it really is the end of him, he went out like he should of, being pompous instead of proactive and logical. He may have realized his mistake but it was far too late for him to do anything about it. Still, keep an eye out for him to possibly pop up again.

Inaho could have been removed almost completely from this episode. In stark contrast to Slaine, it feels like everything has gone too well for him. Sure he lost one of his friends, but he did not seem all that broken up by it. I do enjoy his badass moments, but if that is all he does in this series then he won’t be very memorable. Just to reiterate I am fine with his personality; in fact it’s nice to see a main character with it. I just need some more development for him than him winning battles.

Next: “Darkness Visible”


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