Tokyo Ghoul – Episode 8 Review – “Circular”

don't make me a killer KanekiSame argument different sides… 

Tokyo Ghoul – Episode 8 Review – “Circular”

Last Episode:

Hinami’s mother Ryoko was killed by Mado’s quinque. In a rage, Touka killed one of Amon’s detective buddies. Mado drove her away before she could inflict any more damage. Ken wanted to help Touka in her fight in anyway possible; he is tired of waiting and doing nothing. He gets his completed mask from Uta.

This Episode:

Touka in the dark

Mado lures out Hinami into the waterway using body parts from Ryoko’s corpse. Ken and Touka tail her there, and soon it’s Amon vs Ken, and Mado vs Touka and Hinami. Ken doesn’t want to break out his kagune as he wants to make Amon understand that ghouls aren’t all one mass of evil. Touka on the other hand, just wants to make Mado pay…


mado comes to call

This was an awesome episode, maybe even the best of the series so far. Well paced with tense action and little touches that made the battles much than just “beat up the other guy.” Having Amon and Touka spout very similar arguments while being on different sides was a neat bit of contrast. Both of them are blinded by their hatred for the other faction, and won’t hear out the others argument. For them it’s a mission to survive and live. In comparison, Ken is the only one who wants to make a bridge between the two.

He only reluctantly releases his kagune and even then pleads with Amon, “don’t make me a killer!” More and more Ken becomes an intriguing character. He doesn’t have the classic macho demeanour when it comes to battling. He still has the same strong will to survive like Touka and Amon, but he doesn’t want to get anyone killed in the process. He may just be my favorite main lead of the Summer season.

The relevation that quinque are made from the kagune of Ghouls is chilling. It also adds more menace to Mado and his fellow doves. For ghouls like Hinami to fight both the remnants of her parent’s powers and the man who killed them, the hurdle only gets bigger. The villains in this show so far have truly been worth it, even good old tropey Tsukiyama. You actually feel a threat from them, and give them a fighting chance against our leads. One last note about the episode is the ring on Mado’s hand. What significance did it have, and why was Touka so shaken by it?

hinami's kagune

Next: “Birdcage”


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