Akame Ga Kill! – Episode 9 Review – “Kill The Battle Fanatic”

the jaegersThe villains in this show really suck.

Akame Ga Kill! – Episode 9 Review – “Kill The Battle Fanatic” 

Last Episode:

Bulat and Tatsumi beat the Three, but at the cost of Bulat’s life. Tatsumi inherited Bulat’s Teigu Incursio. Akame’s sister Kurome was called back to the capital to be part of a special team organized by Esdeath.

This Episode:


Najenda heads back to the Revolutionary Army HQ to get reinforcements and deliver the three Imperial Arms they collected from the Three. As she is heading away from the capital, the new members of Esdeath’s team are arriving.

The new team The Jaegers is made up of every gimmicky character you can think of. Wave is the country hick, and foil to Tatsumi. Kurome is Akame’s sister, with almost the exact same personality. Bols is the quiet and sensitive character who is secretly a psycho – so it’s Sheele in male form. We already know Seryu and her Imperial Arms Coro. Dr.Stylish is the obvious gay stereotype, even more than Bulat was. Lastly we have Run, who uh….exists? Oh he must be Lubbock’s foil since he barely registers a presence.

Tatsumi isn’t sure what to expect of Esdeath, so he enters a martial arts tournament hosted by her. He wins the tournament and the “love” of Esdeath, who promptly captures him. “From now on, you belong to me,” she adds. Really now.


the jaegers 2

Let’s start off with the fanservice of this show – I don’t know how to feel about it. On one hand it is equal opportunity, as there is just as much manservice. However, the fanservice for the girls feels more unnecessary. For example, did Mine really have to start out the episode by standing nude in a pool?

Bulat’s death felt less impactful than Sheele’s did, especially in how he was remembered this episode. Her death changed Night Raid’s resolve and demeanour more, at least on a surface level. Bulat was mentioned this episode, but just barely.

Speaking of gay characters, Dr.Stylish is almost offensively cartoonish. He’s the usual foppish stereotypical homosexual bad guy who gets on my nerves. The show still gets points for having Bulat as a gay good guy, so yay for equal opportunities? But still, Stylish doesn’t have much to offer considering we had the cross dressing stereotype with Nyau last episode.

That’s the biggest problem with this show; the lack of memorable or threatening villains. Every single one of Esdeath’s team the Jaegers have stupid gimmicks. I know it’s a function of the battle/shonen genre to have enormously silly villains, but usually there’s one or two actually menacing villains in the mix. For all the build-up Esdeath has been given over the past few episodes, she doesn’t feel that much of a threat. All I can remember about her is her dumb “I want to fall in love” gimmick. Onest, who is being billed as the final villain behind it all, is just a caricature of fat people.

To be completely honest, let’s just call a spade a spade. This is an incredibly generic shonen anime. The one thing that could have made it memorable would have been the characters, but unfortunately they fail spectacularly in that respect.

Next: “Kill The Tempation” – Oh god. >_<


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