Tokyo Ghoul – Episode 9 Review – “Birdcage”

ayatoNew faces!

Tokyo Ghoul – Episode 9 Review – “Birdcage” 

Last Episode: 

A battle broke out in the waterway, with Amon fighting Ken and Mado facing off against Touka and Hinami. Ken defeated Amon, but only after activating his kagune. Ken also begged Amon to leave before he could kill him, preferring to show that not all Ghouls are evil. An especially chilling line was Ken shouting “don’t make me a killer!” Touka killed Mado but was taking aback when she found a wedding ring on Mado’s finger…

This Episode:

Hide; he knows more than he lets on
Hide; he knows more than he lets on

Amon mourns the death of Mado (there is a neat flashback to the first time they worked together). Shinohara, one of his fellow inspectors, approaches him. Amon is being reassigned to the 11th ward to work with Shinohara, while two new inspectors, Hoji and Seido Takizawa, will cover the 20th Ward.

Ken asks Itori about Rize’s past, but she doesn’t have any concrete answers for him. She suggests going to the 11th ward to investigate for himself, as that is where Rize came from. The 11th ward is the area where the Ghouls are working together to kill investigators. Which is consequently the opposite of the 20th ward, where the Ghouls stay out of the limelight completely. On his way home, Ken is pickpocketed by a girl with white hair and red braids. Her face is not shown, leading me to think she might have something to do with Mado. Ken notices that she smells oddly delicious.

In the aftermath of killing Mado, Touka is thinking about how even people like Mado had a family. She recounts her own family life, and her relationship with her brother Ayato. Ken doesn’t know quite how to relate since both his parents died when he was young. Hinami is slowly recovering from the tragedy of her parent’s deaths. Aiding her is the discovery of an injured cockatiel, which she names Hetare.

Hide pays Ken a visit at Anteiku and it’s obvious that Hide knows about the organization behind the coffee shop. He doesn’t let on that he has figured it all out yet, preferring to let Ken breathe easy. One night when he is getting a drink from a vending machine, he overhears Jason and a new face, a “Mr.Banjo”, talking about finding and murdering Rize. Across the way in the 11th ward, Touka’s brother Ayato announces a sudden trip to the 20th ward…


old lady ghoul

I knew that Touka’s brother would turn out to be an antagonist. Even though he was just introduced this episode, you could tell the way that Touka was referring to him he would still be alive. Seeing as how strong Touka has been portrayed in the series to this point, I’m eager to see how she matches up against Ayato.

Kudos to series writer Chūji Mikasano for making the death of Mado Kureo somewhat somber, even with the various crimes that the man committed. Though in light of the latest episode I would not classify Mado as inherently evil. Rather I would plant him in the “mad professor” camp. He did have a grudge against ghouls, but it’s likely because he lost someone close to him because of them. In that sense his hatred is understandable.

As to the sudden appearance of this white haired thief character, I wonder what her connection to Mado was considering she visited his grave. As for Mado’s former partner, is Amon to become the bridge between the two factions? He’s moved into the most dangerous Ward with the memory of the waterway battle still fresh in his mind. What about Hide? Will he take a part in this as a mediator between the two sides? He obviously knows that Ken is a Ghoul, and he doesn’t seem to carry any hatred towards the Ghouls in general.

Next: “Aogiri”


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