DRAMAtical Murder – Episode 9 Review – “Data_09_Echt”

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DRAMAtical Murder – Episode 9 Review – “Data_09_Echt”

Last Episode:

Aoba saved Noiz the kuudere. Noiz’s adversary was a figure wearing a smiley face mask (they’ll show up again).

This Episode:

"the Alphas"
“the Alphas”

Noiz and Aoba stumbled back towards the hotel, but they were ambushed by more brainwashed flunkies. Who should drop from the sky but Clear, who saves them both. One of the men throws in a parting shot, flinging acid (I think) into Clear’s face (which is covered by his mask).

Aoba treats his wounds and asks Clear to remove the mask so he can check to see if his face was hurt. His face is finally revealed to the audience….and it’s disappointingly regular. He just thought it was disfigured because his grandpa told him it was.

Aoba and Clear then check out the Oval Tower, the HQ of Toue. Koujaku and Noiz are still recovering so they aren’t coming along. They are attacked by two figures with smiley masks, who reveal themselves as clones of Clear…


clear to the rescue

Clear having the same face as everyone else was definitely an “oh boo” moment. I was expecting something horrific under that mask, and Aoba would love him unconditionally anyways. Having him just be another pretty boy completely ruined my immersion for this episode. The clone/android plot was ok at best, but nothing that special in the long run.

I was going to give it points for using a somber ending, but after some reading, I learned that this was the good ending for Clear. Having said that, his bad ending is pretty disturbing. The show has been immensely toned down from the game so I don’t expect them to go down that route. (It involves dismemberment and bondage, yay!) Ok so last up is Mink, who has arrived in town with guns in hand. Honestly, I’m not expecting much from the series anymore, but I will finish watching it. In the end it’s an average anime, but it had the potential to be more.

Next: “Data_10_Faith”


2 thoughts on “DRAMAtical Murder – Episode 9 Review – “Data_09_Echt””

  1. Definitely an average anime with the potential to be much, much more, sadly =( Even with all the yaoi parts cut out, the game itself had much more solid writing, and the company that did the game could have tossed a few more Yen into the anime, seeing how high-quality their games are, and some of the adaptation of their other, non-yaoi games are =/

    Well with its source being a yaoi game, chances of Clear NOT being a pretty boy is very, very, veeery low XD But Aoba does love Clear unconditionally though, it’s just that Clear’s major flaw here is not his looks, but the fact that he’s a robot, and one that’s made by Toue on top of that. And the game goes into more details with this, but Clear is kinda clumsy and is really like a child who knows nothing of the world, and game-Aoba has the patience of a SAINT with Clear XDD (and also with Noiz in his route). Also gone into more detail in the games, is that Clear being not human, makes his relationship with Aoba always a bittersweet one no matter what. Time is a huge enemy to them. One day Aoba’s going to grow old and die, but Clear can’t do either of that. There’s also a drama CD where Clear starts malfunctioning, and was in serious danger of breaking down permanently with no hope of repair. So yeah, the question of mortality is a big issue that’s always looming about for this couple.

    1. Reading your comment, I wish they would have gone more into that facet of Clear and Aoba’s relationship. I kind of wish they went full on with the yaoi/BL instead of just hinting at it/holding it back. I did read up on Clear’s route on the DRAMAtical Murder wiki and it’s quite a lot darker. I do think it’s pretty sweet that Aoba would wait a whole year for Clear to be repaired.

      Thanks for your comment!

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