Haikyu!! – Episode 22 Review – “Evolution”

Kageyama as a fishKnife – I mean, nice!

Haikyu!! – Episode 22 Review – “Evolution”

Last Episode:

Sugawara brought some new life to the flagging Karasuno team. Unlike Kageyama he was more communicative with his spikers, as well as easier to approach. However it was only a matter of time before Aoba figured Sugawara out, and Kageyama was brought back into the game. However, Ukai hinted that Sugawara might be used in some future games. 🙂

This Episode:

Dear God…gonna need emergency kittens.
Dear God…gonna need emergency kittens.

Kageyama is back with a vengeance, blasting off a service ace for his first play back. Seeing the rapport that Sugawara had with his teammates on the court, Kageyama awkwardly and adorably tries to be nicer to everyone, including Tsukishima. Eventually even he and Tsukishima establish a genuine connection, first with a feint, and later with a spike. It’s Kageyama’s evolution unfolding before our eyes.

Oikawa’s already had his own evolution, as we see in a flashback. Oikawa struggled after Kageyama joined the team as a fresh natural talent that was breathing down Oikawa’s neck. It’s Iwaizuki that eventually brings him back to reality and reminds him “the team with the better six is stronger.” Despite Oikawa’s efforts, the second set goes to Karasuno, setting up for a final set showdown.


Oikawa's vision of Kageyama
Oikawa’s vision of Kageyama

Karasuno is so going to lose this thing. Oikawa seemed barely fazed by losing the second set. In fact he seemed more invigorated by the new challenge. Kageyama is evolving during the game yes, but it takes more than one game to cement that change. Aoba has had longer to gel as a team as well. But I look forward to Karasuno bouncing back from the loss and moving onto better things. Even with my prediction, I’m still excited for next week.

Next: “The Point That Changes The Momentum”


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