HaNaYaMaTa – Episode 9 Review – “Sister Complex” 

sally machi chibiRecurring theme = parental pressure

HaNaYaMaTa – Episode 9 Review – “Sister Complex”

Last Episode: 

The girls performed for the first time in public at a Department Store Event. Machi had to deliver their backing music because of plot convenience. She and Sally, who is her big sister, don’t get along for some unnamed reason. Naru’s worst fears came true when she fell during the live dance. And that’s where we pick up this episode…

This Episode:

Sally will betray you
Yikes! These two do not get along.

Never fear, as the rest of the girls pick Naru back up immediately, and assuage her doubts. The next day at school she is just as apologetic, but Yaya and Tami reassure her that it’s not as big a deal as she thinks it is. They are her best friends and they’ll be there to stand by her – the power of nakama shines again. >_<

There’s bad news in a different sense though, as the yosakoi club still isn’t official. The club advisor has to be a full time teacher, and Sally is only a substitute. The girls still want Sally as their advisor, even after Machi tells them Sally will let them down. There is some deep-seated resentment from Machi towards Sally, but why?

The yosakoi club goes to the principal to ask if Sally can remain on as their advisor even after the term ends, but they are shot down. To make things worse, they catch some hallway gossip: “I heard that Sally-sensei was quitting…”


naru yaya comfort

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the reason why Machi resents her older sister. After all, the reason isn’t something so much that you can blame Sally for. If it were me in Machi’s situation I would blame my parents more than my sister. Perhaps it was just redirected anger from her parents, whom she can’t lash out at.

Parental expectation is a common theme so far in the series. Both Machi and Tami deal with significant emotional trauma brought on by what their parents thought they should be. Given that the show follows the trope of never actually showing us these parents (we only heard Tami’s father, never properly met him) it’s kind of hard to sympathize with them. However that is a function of the medium and not a fault of this show by itself. (The only parent we’ve properly met is Naru’s father.) Even so, I’m glad that Machi has finally joined the yosakoi group. 😀 I still want more Hana focused stories though dammit!

Next: “Hot Spring Camp” – Sigh…an onsen episode.

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