Sabagebu! – Survival Game Club – Episode 9 Review

Gotukuji elephantsSadly meh. 

Sabagebu! – Survival Game Club – Episode 9 Review

Last Episode:

Stupid fanservice abound! Including cameramen, panty shots and Maya getting stripped by bullets. Fried Chicken Lemon was the only good part of the episode! Lame!

This Episode:

– In a bid to get with the “in” crowd at a dog café, Momoka “disguises” Platy as “Josephine” the dog. However the owner Inugami has something to say about their disruptive presence. MEH

– Gotokuji, Maya and Urara get trapped in the school pool and have to figure out a way to survive the night. There was less fanservice than there was last episode surprisingly. MEH X 2

– The girls travel to Australia to face off against a Survival Games Club made up of octogenarians. Lemon shows up as a driver. *Shrugs*


"Josephine" the Platy
“Josephine” the Platy

The past two episodes have been sorely lacking, after the strong start that the show had. To be fair, Episode 9 was way better than Episode 8 since they didn’t go for the easy fanservice jokes. But to be honest, all three scenarios fell flat this week. The first two elicited a “meh” reaction, especially the punchlines. Both skits ended with me going “that’s it?”

While the show was never truly unpredictable, it’s becoming more and more so. I could predict ever joke before it popped up this episode. The running joke that no one in the club does anything but Sonokawa and Miou is starting to wear thin. I want to see someone either than Momoka win for once. Last week’s skit centering around Maya doesn’t count, as she lost.

As for Fried Chicken Lemon, he was pretty funny in his first two appearances. But having him in the show too much will make him feel diluted. Despite my complaints, it’s the nature of comedy that not everything is going to be spectacular. Sketch comedy in particular is going to be hit or miss. Hopefully the show gets back on the hit track next week. 🙂

Next: Episode 10

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