Aldnoah Zero – Episode 10 Review – “Before The War”

rayet gunMeh, I don’t know if I care anymore.

Aldnoah Zero – Episode 10 Review – “Before The War” 

Last Episode: 

Slaine learned some very juicy secrets about Saazbaum. Firstly, he owes his life to Slaine’s father and thus is watching over Slaine to repay that debt. Secondly, he also hatched the Asseylum assassination plan not because he wants to take control of the Vers Empire, but because he wants revenge for the death of fiancée. He has no such illusions about the grandeur of Vers. In fact he hates the royal family and swears revenge on them. For him, invading Earth was to capture its resources rather than enslavement. He’s an interesting villain to say the least. Elsewhere on the Deucalion, Rayet strangled Asseylum with a locket in the shower…

This Episode:

Slaine tharsis

Somewhat anticlimactically Inaho saves Asseylum through CPR. Inaho also stops Rayet from killing herself. Magbaredge then takes Rayet into custody. The Terrans make it to the United Earth HQ in Russia where Asseylum can contact her grandfather. Pfff ya right, like an “United” earth would be based in Russia!

In space Slaine and Saazbaum discuss the history of Vers and the royal family. We also learn about Saazbaum’s own connection to the Tanegashima battle.


magbaredge marito's file

This episode was kind of underwhelming to be honest. For one thing there wasn’t nearly enough Slaine – AGAIN. He is by far the most interesting character in the show yet he is never given a fair amount of time to actually develop. Take some of the time spent on Inaho being quote unquote “badass” and instead use it to give us more Slaine.

I actually wanted the Princess to die. To have her kick the bucket would have added an interesting dynamic to the show, with Rayet becoming a much darker character. Asseylum’s death would have also given some actual development to Inaho, as he is obviously crushing on her. He’s just the same old boring Inaho however.

Even with all the underwhelming elements of this episode, there were a couple of notable moments. Doctor Yagarai giving Magbaredge the video of Marito’s file was one. I’m curious to see if it changes her opinion of the soldier or not. I also liked having Rayet question her own identity. She is Martian by blood, but she doesn’t trust any of them due to Trillam murdering her father. She doesn’t feel like she can fit in with the Terrans either.

As for the incoming climatic battle with Saazbaum, I’m not sure I actually care that much. Saazbaum is an compelling villain to be sure, but I’m not convinced that he is final boss material. Overall, the focus of the show has waned in the last few weeks and I’m not sure it has been for the better.

Next: “Wind, Snow and Stars”


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