Terror In Resonance – Episode 8 Review – “My Fair Lady”

Five + LisaAlways thought “London Bridge” was creepy.

Terror In Resonance – Episode 8 Review – “My Fair Lady”

Last Episode:

With Shibazaki’s help, Nine and Twelve stopped the airport bomb from killing any civilians. Lisa became Five’s hostage, but they were able to rescue her. Sphinx escaped while Shibazaki was left to deal with the wrath of Five. Five was also seen thumbing a student ID card belonging to Lisa Mishima…

This Episode: 

Twelve and Nine rooftop

As was expected, Shibazaki took the brunt of the blame. He was given an “indefinite suspension” (read: “practically fired”) while his compatriots where only given three months. Now free from the constraints of the Japanese police force, Shibazaki investigates just who Five and/or Sphinx are, as well as the ISA, the Athena Plan, and the Rising Peace Academy. But he’s not alone in his work, as Hamura and Kinoshita are still ready to help him regardless.

A bomb sent by Five destroys Sphinx’s hideout. Unfortunately Lisa is the one who detonates it, causing Nine to blame her. The trio hole out at an abandoned arcade, where Nine suggests that they “accelerate the plan.” Twelve counters that “maybe we should stop.” Elsewhere, Clarence reprimands Five for the bomb, telling her to show some moderation. But Five isn’t deterred, as she sets her eyes on Lisa…


shibazaki extortion

In all honesty, the last two weeks have tapered off from the high quality level that the show started out with. While the show was never truly unpredictable, the last two episodes have been far too easy to predict. A large part of that has been the direction they have taken Lisa’s character. She’s now become the damsel in distress whenever the plot requires it. I did not expect her to be the next action hero, but her current role is boring and stereotypical.

It’s good to see Shibazaki finally working towards breaking the secrets of this case. At this point in the series, I did want some of the mystery to be revealed. It’s episode 8 of a total 11, and we still know next to nothing about Five, Nine or Twelve. Hopefully we get some answers soon, and they don’t wait until the last episode to dump a bunch of exposition on us. I still have faith in Terror In Resonance though, as it still ranks in the high end of the shows from this season. It’s final ranking depends on how the ending unfolds of course.

Five headache

Next: “Highs & Lows”


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