Tokyo Ghoul – Episode 10 Review – “Aogiri”

ayato's kaguneNeedless to say, shit goes down.

Tokyo Ghoul – Episode 10 Review – “Aogiri”

Last Episode:

Amon was reassigned to the 11th ward to work with Inspector Shinohara. Ken was pickpocketed by a mysterious girl whose face was not shown. All Ken remembers is that she had a “delicious scent.” Hide left some subtle hints that he knows more about Ken and Anteiku than it appears. A large assortment of guests began to make their way towards the 20th ward. Some old (Jason) and some new (a Mr.Banjo, and perhaps most ominously Touka’s kid brother Ayato.)

This Episode: 

Suzuya Juzo. Not a girl lol
Suzuya Juzo. Not a girl lol

To start off the episode, two mysterious assailants named Eto and Mr.Tatara destroy a CCG precinct in the 11th ward. They are members of a ghoul organization named Aogiri Tree, which actively tries to eliminate all Doves. Aogiri is under the rule of someone named the “One-Eyed King”. It triggers a full scale CCG Raid of Aogiri Tree, which is to be carried out in one week’s time. The team is lead by 11th ward Commander Marude and Special Investigator Kuroiwa. Mado and Shinohara are also assigned to the force, along with Shinohara’s partner – who is our pickpocket from last episode. This is Suzuya Juzo, a “slightly” off balance 19-year-old androgynous guy. He does not have a relation to Mado, nor is he a girl, as I thought in the past few episodes. (I’m also reading the manga now).

Many uninvited guests show up an Anteiku. The first to arrive is Banjo Kazuichi, who is looking for Rize. He seems to “hold a candle” for her. Before Ken can break the news to him about her fate, Ayato and Jason crash the party…



Having read a good chunk of the manga now, I have a certain idea of what’s going to happen during this arc, but that doesn’t ruin any of the tension for me. What I don’t know is what Hide is up to. We had a quick aside with him during the episode, where he is surrounded by thousands of news clippings and research about Ghouls. Is he friend or foe to Ghouls and Kaneki?

Jason is a BRUTAL character, as is evident by the way he wailed away on Ken this episode. Now that Ken is in Jason’s clutches it will only get worse. A minor complaint of mine is that there are almost too many psychotic characters to the show. Again, it’s me complaining about cemented anime tropes, but does every single bad guy have to be completely insane? I don’t even want to talk about Nico, the man working with Jason. He’s that stereotypical masochist gay guy that is in anime WAY too much. As for the other new characters, Banjo was ok and Ayato was sufficiently sinister. Banjo was primarily comic relief, so I don’t see him playing a large part in the upcoming arc. I do have to say that Ayato’s kagune was pretty cool. This episode is a bit of a reprieve until we get into the incredibly disturbing parts of the arc. Be prepared!

Next: “High Spirits”


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