Akame Ga Kill! – Episode 10 Review – “Kill The Temptation”

so yah...Seriously, put the boobs away. 

Akame Ga Kill! – Episode 10 Review – “Kill The Temptation” 

Last Episode:

Najenda left the Night Raid HQ to go gather reinforcements. Esdeath formed her counter-team to the Night Raid folks, The Jaegers. They are made up of a bunch of uninteresting stereotypes and foils for the main leads. Tatsumi captured Esdeath’s “affection” – so she kidnapped him.

This Episode:

Grand Chariot
Grand Chariot

Tatsumi unsuccessfully tries to get Esdeath to join Night Raid since he thinks her love for him can sway her. XD Obviously, Tatsumi needs to escape as soon as possible. His first chance comes on a Danger Beast hunting trip, where he is paired up with Wave…


The Trees - they are watching!
The Trees – they are watching!

I will reiterate that Esdeath’s “love” subplot is just as stupid as it sounds. It’s sort of funny in a very small way, but it completely undermines any threat I feel from her character. I don’t care if she’s killed thousands of people, I can’t take her seriously while she sexually assaults Tatsumi. Also, I know you are a shonen anime show – but seriously – put the boobs away. Esdeath spends literally 75% of the episode showing pretty much all of her boobs. It’s annoying, degrading and not funny. Some people will jump up and say “oh you just aren’t the audience for this show.” Sure, but that means you are operating under the assumption that the audience is slobbering guys with their pants around their knees. In my opinion, cartoonish sexuality is not a required villain characteristic.

Esdeath is just one example of how freaking lame the villains in Akame Ga Kill! are. Wave is another – he’s just a carbon copy of Tatsumi except he fights for the other side. Where’s the fun in that? Having said that, I did like the glimpse we got of his Teigu, the Grand Chariot. I look forward to more fights between Chariot and Incursio.

Honestly, I don’t think I’ll be following this series after the season change. It’s just too average at most times, and aggravating at other times. I might try out the manga, just to see what some of the hype the fans are giving it is about.

Next: “Kill The Mad Scientist”

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