Haikyu!! – Episode 23 Review – “The Point That Changes The Momentum”

stop hinataHow can you not love these characters? 🙂

Haikyu!! – Episode 23 Review – “The Point That Changes The Momentum” 

Last Episode:

Kageyama is back in the game, but this time he took some mental notes from Sugawara’s performance. He was friendlier and more supportive of his spikers, even Tsukishima. Karasuno took the second set, leading up to a third and final winner take all set.

This Episode: 

Yamaguchi's chance to shine
Yamaguchi’s chance to shine

The third set is a close one, full of long rallies and contested points. Aoba Johsai always manages to stay just a bit ahead, and the fatigue is starting to set in the legs of Karasuno. Hinata picks up his game even more, changing the direction of his spikes. However, Oikawa and his teammates come up with a solution; don’t block Hinata at all, and let their own spectacular libero receive the freak quicks.

The momentum is beginning to slip squarely onto Seijoh’s side, so Ukai decides to do the one thing he think might shift the match back into his favour: put Yamaguchi in as a pinch server for Hinata. It’s a complete toss up as Shimada has only begun to teach the jump float serve to Yamaguchi. The specialized serve depends heavily on luck; ie. landing on the right side of the net. Nervously, Yamaguchi steps up to the line…



Things aren’t looking that good for Karasuno at the moment. They haven’t lost yet, oh no. On the contrary, they are right in the centre of this battle. However, Aoba Johsai still has the upper hand due to their ability to readjust to everything Karasuno throws at them accordingly.

Throwing Yamaguchi in as a wild card was an gutsy move. This arc has made good use of all the characters on the team, even the periphery members. With two episodes left, I hope that the series get picked up for a second season. It’s one of the few sports animes that I have truly enjoyed. If it doesn’t then I’ll pick up on the manga.

Next: “Removing The Solitary King”


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