Sabagebu! – Survival Game Club – Episode 10 Review 

goutokuji winsA return to top form!

Sabagebu! – Survival Game Club – Episode 10 Review

Last Episode: Dog cafes (muh), school swimming pool ghosts (meh) and a Mad Max parody (*shrugs*). At least there wasn’t any gratuitous fanservice.

This Episode:

kitty predator

– Sonokawa finds an old treasure map from her childhood and enlists the Survival Game Club to help her track it down. Naturally, she’s only doing it because the treasure might be money. XD Also, something about dowsing.

– Popular idol Yammy turns up at the clubhouse as a fat girl amidst copious amounts of fried food. She needs the club’s help to get back into shape. Yes, another “fat girl” skit. >_<

– This week’s movie parody is Predators and Alien Vs Predator. But in a pretty funny and true to anime way! Also, good twist ending :P.


Platy slays sonokowa

Sabagebu! got back on track this week! Episode 8 was far too concerned with fanservice and Episode 9’s scenarios fell flat. Every skit was a hit and not a miss this time! Yes, even the “Yammy” skit, which could have gone down the very offensive route of fat shaming. I’m not convinced it got away scot free, but it did refrain from going too far. Plus the punch line was pretty damn hilarious. That doesn’t excuse it all together, but it does make me laugh.

The AVP spoof was spot on, especially with Sonokawa being her truly evil self. I love how she continues to be manipulative and vindictive, all the while missing the moral point completely during all situations. If more main characters were like her, I would watch them. Goutokuji this week was a complete badass – and I LOVED it. She has become my favorite character, not the least of which because she doesn’t stand for Sonokawa’s bullshit. She gets her licks in during this episode and it’s awesome to see.

Next: Episode 11


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