DRAMAtical Murder – Episode 10 Review – “Data_10_Faith”

minkObvious the episode XD

DRAMAtical Murder – Episode 10 Review – “Data_10_Faith”

Last Episode:

Clear was revealed to be an android created by Toue as part of the “Alpha” line. In order to beat two other Alphas, Clear stabbed himself in the head, short-circuiting his programming. He was able to save Aoba, but shut himself down in the process. Mink also arrived in Platinum Jail, along with flunkies and guns.

This Episode:

It’s two days until Toue’s “Special Anniversary Event” (first we’ve heard of this!), which Aoba believes is a trap specifically designed for him (you think?). That night, Mink turns up on the Glitter doorstep. It’s time for Aoba to pay him back for saving Tae. Mink’s prepared a special coding program (on a USB :P) that needs to be uploaded into Ren. It could have an hazardous effect on Ren, but Mink won’t let Aoba refuse. After all, the two are off to the Oval Tower control room, right under Toue’s nose…


Akushima? Remember him from way back in Episode 1?
Akushima? Remember him from way back in Episode 1?

A lot of the dialogue this episode falls under the “obvious!” category. Exhibit A: Aoba asks Noiz “this was a trap, wasn’t it?” *facepalm* Exhibit B: Toue expresses his desire to take control of all residents in Midorijima Island – “no, the world.” *facedesk* Obvious villain trait is obvious. This goes back to my point last week that this show could be so much more than it’s relegated itself to be. Reading up on the game, there’s so much more world building that is not touched upon at all.

For instance, what is this “Special Anniversary Event”? This is the first episode that it was mentioned properly in, and we don’t even get a complete description of it. It’s a little too obviously a last minute plot switch to up the ante for the finale, which is far too manufactured for my taste.

As for Mink’s backstory, it feels unfinished and rushed, especially in light of the episodes spent on the rest of the cast. Why were Tae, and the kids from the shop in his memories? What did they have to do with his village? Also, something about his people being able to use their eyes to control people? I hope it’s expanded on in the next episode. Right now, Mink is the least memorable of Aoba’s followers.

The best part of the episode was the debate between Mink and Aoba on the value of Allmates. Mink sees them as robots that don’t require any personal connection to. He certainly doesn’t care if they get damaged or replaced. In contrast, Aoba is quite attached to Ren (for reasons that will probably become clear in later episodes) and doesn’t wish any harm upon his friend. I don’t think the show was deliberately trying to raise questions about how we should value artificial intelligence, but it did anyways.

Next: “Data_11_Fixer”


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