HaNaYaMaTa – Episode 10 Review – “Hot Spring Camp”

hot springs 1Kudos for not using fanservice 🙂 

HaNaYaMaTa – Episode 10 Review – “Hot Spring Camp”

Last Episode:

The club hit another stumbling block, as their club advisor was required to be a full time teacher and not a substitute like Sally. Machi told them to find another teacher since Sally would probably let them down, despite Sally being her own sister. Sally took an exam to become a full-fledged teacher. Seeing this show of commitment, Machi resolved her feud with her sister.

This Episode:

The episode wastes no time in getting Machi to join the yosakoi club. 😛 With that out of the way, Machi cracks down on the group, saying they need to practice more and refine the routine even more before they get to the Hanairo Festival. Tami suggests they run their own “training camp” at an traditional inn owned by her father. At a planning meet up at Hana’s house that night we learn that Hana’s parents are divorced. She lives in Japan with her father who teaches English. She still keeps in contact with her mother, and they have a good relationship.

At the onsen, Machi trails behind the rest of the group during practice. Consequently, she spends any free time practicing by herself. The other girls, while still dedicated, want to spend some time sightseeing or relaxing. Machi tries to keep them on track, which clashes a bit with Yaya, who thinks she is being too strict.

However, the biggest dilemma of the episode comes when Machi checks the registration site for the Hanairo Festival. The registration period has come and gone – it passed three days ago…


hot springs 2

These girls do not plan well XD. Basically every dilemma in the series could have been avoided with some careful planning. At least the show pointed that out this episode, as both Machi and Sally shake their heads at such an elementary mistake. Bad planning isn’t always the best way to create drama XP. However, you may notice that the ending theme comes very early in the episode, so stick around after it.

As always there were a couple of moments that made me “aww” out loud. One of them was when Machi got her own pair of Naruko to match the other girls’. Machi is that person who tries to always be responsible and headstrong, but harbours a secret side that really loves to be silly. Sure, it’s a regular anime trope, but I don’t mind this one as much. Another moment was when Hana’s dad tried to pitch his English class to the other girls XD. Hana’s reaction is just so true to life!

It looks like we’ll get to meet Hana’s mother next week, and some more drama will be created when she will most likely ask Hana to come back to America. It’s an old tried and true divorced parent story, but I’m not really viewing HaNaYaMaTa as something to break through the clichés. I’m just happy that Hana is finally getting her own dose of character development.

Next: “Smile Is Flower” – nice Engrish XD

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