Terror In Resonance – Episode 9 Review – “Highs & Lows”

lisa bomb ferris wheel*and deep breath* 

Terror In Resonance – Episode 9 Review – “Highs & Lows”

Last Episode:

Shibazaki was all but fired from the Japanese police force, so he got to work looking into the Athena Plan on his own time. Hamura and Kinoshita continue to help him out as well, even in light of their own suspensions. Sphinx was forced out of their hideout by Five, and holed up in an abandoned arcade. Nine wants to accelerate the plan but Twelve thinks it might be better if they stopped now. Lisa bolts after feeling guilty for getting in their way so much. Unfortunately she runs right into the clutches of Five…

This Episode: 

"The Settlement" - also, same ferris wheel?
“The Settlement” – also, same ferris wheel?

Shibazaki and Hamura track down Aoki, the Former Director of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. The three have a long talk about the Athena Plan, The Settlement, and the connection it all has to Shibazaki’s unsolved case (called it).

Nine launches into the next phase of the Sphinx Plan. We aren’t shown exactly what that entails as of yet. Twelve is off to rescue Lisa, even though he knows it’s a trap. He finds Lisa captive in an empty ferris wheel, with a vest full of bombs strapped to her torso. Immediately, a timer starts with 8 minutes remaining…


Shibazaki + Hamura

The moments that follow Twelve’s discovery of Lisa’s predicament are both heartbreaking and harrowing. This isn’t because of what’s happening on screen, but rather what the characters say to each other. It shows how close Lisa and Twelve have come together even in this short time. While I don’t know if I fully believe that they would have formed such a strong bond at this point, their sentiments are nevertheless affecting. After all, in the light of info revealed in the episode, the future of this relationship is doomed from the start.

This was the second episode in a row that Five has operated outside of the borders of the FBI. It will be interesting to see if she suffers any repercussions for her actions, despite what they achieve. I think I was looking at her in the wrong sense before, as she is not really a villain/antagonist. Rather she fits more into the vein of an adversary. In that sense she is much more effective at throwing a wrench into Sphinx’s plans.

It would have been interesting if they killed off two of the main characters with two episodes left. It would have been an brave choice to make, leaving Nine to pick the pieces in the wake of their deaths. But I can’t fault the show for not taking this path too much. While it has been immensely enjoyable to sit through, it is notably a much safer show (in terms of plot) then at first inspection.

As for what the final two episodes will have to offer, I really don’t know what to expect at this point. The only thing I can guess at the moment is that neither Twelve nor Nine will make it out of this whole ordeal alive. At least that’s what they’ve been hinting at for the past few weeks. I also have a sneaking suspicion that those who should deserve to suffer for this won’t in the end. Hopefully the finale is just as good as I hope it will be.

Next: “Helter Skelter”


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