Tokyo Ghoul – Episode 11 Review – “High Spirits” 

Jason with mask onLet the battles begin…

Tokyo Ghoul – Episode 11 Review – “High Spirits”

Last Episode: 

The Ghoul organization Aogiri Tree took out a CCG precinct in the 11th ward. CCG prepared a raid of the Aogiri HQ, lead by Commander Marude and Special Investigator Kuriowa. Amon, Shinohara and Suzuya Juzo are assigned to the force. Ayato and Jason attacked Ken and Touka, kidnapping Kaneki in the process. Anteiku set out to rescue Ken, even with the help of Tsukiyama, much to Touka’s dismay.

This Episode:

Ayato clouds

Jason continues to submit Kaneki to daily and hourly torture. Including a Chinese red-headed centipede *shudder*. (The manga shows this in more detail, yay! 😦 ) A small ray of light comes in the form of Banjo, who promises to get Ken free when they have a chance.

Even when the CCG Raid begins, Jason stays to torture Ken some more while the rest of Aogiri launches into action. At the same time, Anteiku shows up to start their rescue of Kaneki. Across the base, battles begin to break out between the three factions. Amon faces off against the Bin Brothers, while Nishiki and Touka fight Ayato. Yomo, Uta and Tsukiyama team up against the silent assailant Noro. Members of CCG storm through the base to reach the rooftop, only to meet a ghost from their past, the “One-Eyed Owl.” Back in Jason’s torture room, Kaneki suddenly has white hair…


juzo reflection

Having read the manga I noticed just how cut down this episode was. That’s to be expected in an adaptation, but there is one noticeable difference that I think hurt this episode. In the manga, there are two characters named Kouto and Kei, who are members of Banjo’s group. They play a major part in Ken’s fight against Yamori/Jason, but they do not seem to be appearing in the anime. Who knows, they could show up next week, so I won’t reveal their impact this time. But if the arc finishes and they do not appear I will have something to say, even though they are ultimately minor characters.

Juzo was pretty badass this week, showing off that he’s just not a giggling androgynous psychotic person. He gives the mass that is CCG some personality. Even though Amon does have some compelling elements to his storyline, he doesn’t hold too much screen presence. When Juzo is around I’m certainly interested in what is happening.

As for the torture of Kaneki, I’m of two minds regarding it. While I understand why they toned it down from the manga, I also wish they kept some of the original brutality. True, sometimes our imaginations are darker than something we might be shown, but in this case, I was just left wondering what occurred. For example, what DID Jason do with that centipede? Why was Ken counting numbers? It’s not really explained aside from a quick gloss over of Jason’s past. *shrug* Hopefully that is fleshed out later, but if it isn’t, then the world isn’t over.

Next: “Ghoul”


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