Aldnoah Zero – Episode 11 Review – “Wind, Snow and Stars” 

saazbaum kataphraktMeh. 

Aldnoah Zero – Episode 11 Review – “Wind, Snow and Stars”

Last Episode:

Inaho revived Asseylum through CPR, and Rayet was imprisoned. The Deucalion reached the United Earth HQ, and Asseylum sent out a message to Vers calling for an end to the war. Saazbaum revealed some more of his past to Slaine, including the tragic fact that he lost his fiancée in the battle of Tanegashima. Saazbaum’s next plan is to attack the United Earth HQ, but not before he sets Slaine free of his shackles. He gives Slaine the choice either to join his forces or flee to Earth – he won’t stop him either way.

This Episode:

inaho kataphrakt snow

Saazbaum’s forces storm the United Earth base, while the Terrans attempt to fight back. Realizing her life is meaningless to her fellow Martians, the Princess decides to take a different tactic. Inaho draws up a plan to invade the landing castle, but not all goes according to plan…


Ok let’s get the biggest complaint out of the way first. Slaine does NOTHING this episode. And I mean nothing. Hell, even Eddelrittuo does more than he does. If the show is going to use him this little then they really should not portray him as a main character. Inaho gets all the badass moments while Slaine is stuck doing “your princess is in another castle” duty. I honestly think he had about two lines the whole episode. He is a compelling character, so put him to good use instead of just shunting him to the side so Inaho can blow something up.

On a more positive note, Rayet and Marito got their redemption moments this episode. Rayet may have raised some death flags, but who doesn’t really at this point? This is after all, a Gen Urobuchi production. Pretty much everyone is in the line of fire by the time the episode ends. Who do you guys think will kick the bucket next week? Which supporting cast won’t be joining us for the second season in 2015? For me the unfortunate souls are Rayet, and either/or/both Yuki and Inko. It would certainly add more character to Inaho if he were to lose his sister. On the other hand, he never seemed that choked up about Okisuke (remember him? Ya, neither does anyone else).

saazbaum landing castle launch

For me this just doesn’t feel like the best climax the season could have. Saazbaum functions more as an underling to me than a final boss. After all the possible directions the show set up in the first few episodes, especially it’s grand world and the politics that surrounded it, this battle feels so small scale. Even if/when the Terrans pull out a victory we know the war won’t be over, and Saazbaum will have just have been an stepping stone. The Terran forces outside Japan should be included – or other Orbital Knights who share Saazbaum’s goal. I don’t feel that anxious about next week as a result. The show promised a bigger world than what was delivered to us. This would have been fine in a show that had a smaller focus. But in this case, I’m left wondering just how much bigger this battle could have been.

Next: “Childhood’s End”

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